I am sooo looking forward to going to the Belcourt this weekend to see The Philadelphia Story on the big screen!  I’m such a nut for old movies, I swear, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.  This is such a great movie of any generation though really….pretty timeless. 

Something very interesting about this film, besides the fact it has Kate, Jimmy and Cary in it, is that Miz Hepburn bought the rights to this movie.  That was not a common thing for Chick Actors to do in 1939, y’see.  It’s a great story and the chemistry betwixt Kate and Cary was absolutely magical.  Bringing Up Baby is a good Hepburn/Grant movie, too.

Me and His Wageness are going to catch it.  Wanna come?  Holler at me.

Danny Miller is always bragging about all the cool, old movies they show out there in Hollywood where he lives. If I lived out there, I’d never get nothing done cause I’d be going to those old movie festivals all the time.


***Soundchick and Graceless are on tap.  This could get danger’sss.