We have a little houseguest.  #2 pointed out the nest to me today.  The HT said “Like…it’s been there for about a month.”  Do you like the blue hue to the nest?  That’s from the trampoline mat.  Glad we could be of help. I don’t know if there are babies in there yet or what.  Soon as I can get a ladder up there, I’m gonna check.

Heh.  The first person I’ve ever seen to take a Bloody Mary into a movie.  I kept getting the urge to get some Sherry after watching that movie.  They liked them some Sherry back in the olden days.

Pretty neat to see Cary and Jimmy on the big screen.  I think the consensus was that George Clooney is the only modern-day actor who comes remotely close to matching Cary Grant’s charisma and all around just plain hawtness.

This one…is self explanatory.  He looks like Jamie Johnson’s twin…if he were older and heavier and had a penchant for flipping his collar up and wearing dark sunglasses on a very cloudy day.