I’m sorta mad that I missed the Earthquake.  What aggravates the pee-waddlin’ outta me is the fact I missed it by about 30 minutes. 

Your Sista doesn’t sleep well, as a rule, and I had woke up about 2 and was awake til about 4 or so.  I miss all the good stuff.  Dangit.

The Holy Tara, on the otherhand, did not miss the EQ.  She felt it, thinking it was the Psycho Cats on her bed.  (She’s kinda like me about the cats).  The Boys and me…we’re bummed. 

What was funny to me was having my cousin in Southern California ask ME if I felt the earthquake.  I don’t know why, but, that struck me as funny.

The more I think about it though…had I felt it, I’da probably gotten scared that Jesus was on His way back.  Not scared…I’m not scared of Him showing up, but, I’m sure that would’ve been my first thought.  Like the first (and only) time I’ve ever seen the Aurora Borealis.  I can tell you exactly when that was. (Warning…Rainman alert)

April 14, 1981.  Now, I did not remember that date.  I looked it up.  I remember that was a Sunday night and we were at Gee and Geega’s house.  I remember exactly when it was cause it was the day the very first Space Shuttle went up.  We were on the first Spring Break we’d had in years cause we used to get snow back in the olden days around here. 

Linda Gossett came over from across the street and said “Come out here and look”…it was nighttime and the sky was pink-like.  I thought fo sho Jesus was about to come down to Derby Lane.  Here He comes.  I can remember that feeling of massive butterflies in my stomach, thinking Jesus was about to burst through the pink part of the sky.  He didn’t though.

For months and months after that, I was sure everytime I saw light reflected on the night sky that Jesus was a’comin.  Shut up…the Bible says to watch for Him.  I was just doing what the Bible says. 

Then, I got scared to death the next year when I saw this book at a friends house…”88 Reasons Why The Rapture Will Occur By 1988.”   Well…dadgumit…I would miss graduating from high school (which I did anyway) and I’d never get married, have kids.   I prayed and prayed Jesus would just hang on.  That song “Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus” rang through my head (with Carl Smith singing it, of course). 

Between you and me though…at that point, as the song says, my concern was not about getting a few more loved ones in, but, I wanted to grow up and drive and do fun stuff.  I didn’t know enough about sex or nothing at that point (and certainly that that was not a big deal) so it wasn’t that.  Just wait a little, Lord Jesus.

Now, I’ve grown up, I’ve learned a lot more about things of a Jesus nature and matured and I can say right ‘chere and now, I don’t worry about stuff like that no more. 

I used to get all freaked out (even after I married) if I passed that man and woman on the tv that have that show that’s about nothing but that…can’t think of their names now….yankees….I would get all scared.  No more.  He can come on back whenever He pleases. 

I came to notice that the TBN people would start picking dates and stuff just about the time they were having a telethon to raise money.  Funny how that is.