I wish I had some groovy prize to give to my 100,000th Site Meter hit.  I can’t tell by the IP address exactly whom that lucky reader was.  If I could, I’d….give you a hug.  Yeah.  That’s it.

I did get a hug today from one of my most favoritest people EVAH.

That would be my good, good, GOOD friend, Brenda.

Brenda and I survived about 2 years in the trenches, working for perhaps the most slave drivinest woman you could ever meet.   That woman, as good a person as she is, nearly drove me and Brenda (and a few others) to become drankin’ people.  

I’ve got lots of funnies about Brenda.  She’s one of those people that is hysterical and doesn’t always mean to be.  She’s from Crossville and says “Twicet” for “twice.”  Most people you’d wanna smack for that but not her. 

 Brenda is perhaps one of the most Jesus lovin’ women you could ever meet.  For real, I don’t know that I’ve ever met a woman who is as in tune with thangs of a spiritual nature as Brenda.  I’ve never heard Brenda say “shit” even.  (That’s downright holy in the Book of Sista)  She’s as upright as the day is long.  Or something like that.

We worked in this particular area of my former employer where…not going to go into the details cause it’s just boring and tedious…but we were working, at times, days that began at 7:30 a.m. and would not see us getting off until 11:00 that night.  (Truth be told, I used the fact that I had kids at home to get out of lots of that.  But, I did my share)

It got so stressful at one point, Brenda said….”Oh boy…I think I need me some Charlie Daniels.”  She meant to say “Jack”.  She wouldn’t know Jack Daniels if’n he walked right up to her and kissed her smack on the lips.  Funny woman.

That was some kinda stressful gig.  All of us who worked there, during that time period it was hell on earth (where it was s’post to be Heavenly, of all places) every stinkin’ one of us had to go have some sort of stress-related medical test.  My Stress Test of Choice was an ultrasound cause they thought I had gallbladder problems.  Turns out it was just the ol’ Gastric Reflux.  I think Brenda went the Heart Route.  I can’t remember what the others had but we were a bunch of stressed-out girls.  Even so, we sho nuff had us a lot of laughs back in those days.  I guess we were so wired, we were slap-happy and near ’bout anything would make us laugh.  As horrible as it was, we were able to find the humor in that and just about anything else. 

The thing about Brenda…when I first met her, she was still reeling from a horrible, nightmarish divorce, after something like 28 years of marriage.  I can remember the days she couldn’t get through without crying.  I’m not talking a little misty-eyed…I’m talking break-down, crying that just made you want to sit down and cry with her.  Which we all did a time or two.  I can’t tell you how inspired I was by Brenda and watching her live out her life-long faith was a rather large influence on me.  Anytime I ever had something bugging me or whatever, I knew I could go to Brenda.  I also, to this day, know when somebody needs praying for, Brenda’s one you want doing that for you.  She’s a hoss when it comes to praying. 

 Brenda is just the best.  I miss seeing her and having lunch with her, but, we had a good time today.  First time I’ve seen her in about a year and a half.   I convinced her to come do a Spin class with me.  She works out everyday and is in great shape.  The teacher we had today was not as good as last week’s but we still got us in a nice little workout and she put up with me singing while spinning to Stevie Nicks.  Oooh baby oooh…just like a white-winged dove….I kept saying to her, when we were doing those uphill sprints…”Gosh Brenda….why’d you make me come do this?”  Heh.