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In Which Your Sista Discusses Her Working Out and Stuff

Now…for those of you out there who can run and bike like batshit crazy and stuff (:cough CLC :cough) these numbers will probably make you laugh.  But, for me, this is a record.   I know I would come in at the back of the line in a 5K but I’ve never had time like that before. I got tired by the end, but, I was pretty tickled for getting that first mile in in 11 minutes, thankyavurymuch.

I ran with my buddy Lance tonight.   Ol’ Lance is a good running coach.  He might arta look into taking up athletics on a more full-time basis.  I so dig his running mix.  It has really good music on it.  I had downloaded another treadmill training running thing and the music was the kind of stuff the Manchild listens to….screaming banging guitars or that techno-pop stuff that my stomach just can’t handle.   Lance’s thing has what they describe as “Alternative”.  I dug it. 

I’ve been going to Spinning classes the last coupla weeks and hello????  I love it!  I didn’t think I would but I love that Spinning. 


Yes, He Do

This right ‘chere is so cute, it may make a believer outta Saracastro.  Hee.