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To Pierce or Not To Pierce…This Is the Kwerstun

This is my good friend Lisa and her good friend, who is now my new friend, Susan.  Susan reminds me SOOOO much of Megan Mulally.  She looks like her…she’s little bitty, like Megan is…talks like her kinda, too.  Skeery. She’s a trip, that Susan.  Lisa is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know.  I think I’ve told y’all about her before.

Now, if you notice closely, both Lisa and Susan have little studs in their noses.  Ever since I first met Lisa, I found myself digging her nose ring.  I never thought I would ever consider something like that, but, you know what…I’ve been thinking about doing that, maybe when I turn 40 next February. 

I thought about a tattoo for about 2 seconds.  nixed that idea because I had a major skin graft to remove something from my person in 1993 and I realized that to purposely put something on my person (this is for me, mind you) would be wrong. So, a tattoo is out.  I’m not scared of needles or nothing.  My pain threshold is quite high. 

So, who out there has had this done?  Yay or nay?  Do it Sista or don’t do it Sista?  I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do…just curious.

I dig the little stud in the nose.  I think I’m gonna pray about it.  Wonder if I can put that on the prayer list at church?  I can see it now…”Prayer Requests…please remember Sista Smiff as she makes a major decision about whether or not to get the stud pierced into her nose.”  HAHAHAHAHAHA

One thing I am seriously considering doing to mark my turning 40 in 2009 is train for and do the Country Music Marathon…the Half. 

I’m so living on the edge, it ain’t even funny.  Nose piercings…half marathons…..we’ll see if I follow through on either.

Don’t Be Jealous Cause I Had The Hottest Lunch Date In Town…

I had the extreme good fortune to share lunchtime Friday with the cutest guy!

Yep.  I got to hang with Boo Boo.  And he brought his darlin’ mammy along with him…