Birthdays galore today for two of my favorite girls…

One…my little niece, Mattie, turned 3 today.

Then, I got to go hang with Da Goils and celebrate Beth’s birthday.

 Dadgum, there was mucho laughter emitting from this place. (Click to embiggen)  Lordy mercy….y’all could probably hear us wherever you are. It’s a wonder they didn’t kick me us out for laughing so loud and obnoxiously at everything Heather said. Heather is on the far left in the pink. Oh gosh…what a riot that girl is!  She got to telling me about moving to Crossville, TN from New Jersey her Senior year in high school.  It cracks me up to hear a person that is originally “non-Southern” try to imitate how Southerners sound.  Oh man….she kilt me, that Heather.

Holly…the cute little girl to my left….we were laughing cause I know everybody.  I swear, I have a common person with just about everybody I run into.  Donna that I work with…everytime we go out to lunch she’ll say “Ok..Sharon…who do you know in here?”  Anyhoo…Holly’s father in law’s former wife? (Got that?)  Is a woman I know and it’s just all so twisted and funny.  I’d put it up here but I bettah not.   Just know it’s something funny…k?

It was determined that your Sista was the Senior member of this here group.  I was the oldest.  Beth is a child of 27….Wendy is a year younger than me…Natalie a couple years younger than that….and so on.  I remember the days when I was always the youngest person in any given group of people I was with. 

Beth even got a spayshul birfday hat. 

Oh and it’s not his birthday, but, I actually got a picture of the Manchild today.  He is really turning into a man, y’all.  Look at my baby boy…so he wasn’t too happy with me taking his pitcher…just look at him!