I had the neat priviledge and honor to be able to say that Eddy Arnold was my buddy.  I got to know him when I worked at Huff’s in Brentwood. He and Dad were friends for many years, but, Eddy was my pal separately.  I treasure the chats I had with him.  I treasure a wonderful letter I received from him one time.  I treasure the wedding gift I receieved from he and Sally. I’m a lucky girl to have made his aquaintance.

Eddy Arnold was probably the financially wealthiest person I’ve ever known personally, yet, you wouldn’t have known it.  He had such a kind, generous spirit about him.  When I think of Eddy Arnold, I think of the word “warmth.”  There was no phoniness about him though…I asked him one time if he would ever go do the Opry and he looked at me and said “I don’t care nothing about that.” HA.

Another good pal o’mine, Ronnie Pugh, has written a lovely tribute to the Tennessee Plowboy here.

I can’t get You Tube to load into my page, dangit but go see Eddy do his thing here.  

Love ya, Eddy.