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Sheltered Safe

I’m a big fan of songwriters and poets. Dottie Rambo was one of the very best, ever…any form of music. To me, her ability to put paper to pen and illustrate a thought was equal to the Gershwins, Bacharachs, Harlan Howards, any prolific composer you can name…Dottie Rambo’s name should be included in any list of great songwriters.

Aside from that, Dottie, along with her ex-husband, Buck and her daughter, Reba made up one of my very favorite trios…ever.  As a matter of fact, just this very day, on the Ipod, I was listening to the Rambos sing about being “sheltered in the arms of God.”  I never get tired of that one or of “He Looked Beyond My Fault”, “If That Isn’t Love”, “When I Lift Up My Head”, “The Holy Hills”, “One More Valley”, “In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul”….I could list a ton more.  Great stuff.  Look ’em up on Itunes…you will be amazed and dazzled.

I can’t tell you how personally, for me, lyrics like “Let the storms rage high, the dark clouds rise, they won’t worry me, for I’m sheltered safe within the arms of God…He walks with me and none of earth shall harm me…for I’m sheltered safe within the arms of God” have given my weary heart rest and reminder that I’m not doing this thing called Life by myself.

Or lyrics like “Too many sunsets lie behind the mountains, too many rivers my feet have walked through…too many treasures are waiting over yonder…there’s too much to gain to lose” have given me a little extry oomph to keep pluggin…God has been good to use stuff like words mixed together in rhyme to pump me up more than just about anything. Music is a powerful tool.

I find it ironic that Dottie, who had battled a ridiculous amount of trials in her time, especially in the last couple of decades…serious back issues, a divorce from Buck, being near death no telling how many times, that she met her end in a bus wreck, on a way to a gig in Texas…at 74 years old! 

The Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss, the fabulous David, was good enough to send this pitcher along of he and Miz Dottie.  What a treasure.  Look at Dave….aw…makes me miss the ol’ boy.  Hadn’t seen him in awhile.


Somebody’s Having A Birthday…

Happy Birthday today to one of my most favorite-est people ever.

We was pals from the Git-Go. In fact, his birthday is also our official Friendaversary.  I first met Chris thanks to the Knucksta who linked to Chris on his 40th birthday a coupla years ago.  He’s one of those people I would expect to show up during the darkest hour and when you’d least expect anybody to care. 

He’s a good pal to lotsa people, not just me.  I likes to think I’m spayshul, but, that’s part of what makes Chris who he is…he has that ability to make everybody feel like they are the most important person around.  His being my friend for the last two years has been more important than he probably has any idea of. 

Chris is one of the Good Guys. 


All This Weddin’s And Nonsense…..(What movie is that quoted from?)

I went to the purtiest weddin’ today.   The Groom (in the middle) I’ve been knowing since he was a wee little boy.  He’s all growed up and is somebody’s husband now.  Yikes.  I say growed up but he’s barely a legal adult.  At any rate, it was a lovely event down by Old Hickory Lake.

I do think that this is the first outside Hitchin’ I’ve been to. 

The Bride and Groom have known each other since 5th grade.  They started dating their Junior year in High School.  He was the first guy she ever kissed. (Alls I could think of when Leonard said that was, “Sheesh, good thing I didn’t marry the first feller I kissed. I’d be warshing horse troughs today. Ick. But this ain’t about me, now is it?)

I told the HT she arta get married at Rock Castle. (Look how blue her eyes are, y’all!  That’s not contacts either) She was wondering out loud if she already knows whoever her future husband is.  Whoever that feller is, his future Mother In Law is praying for him.  Heh.  No, really.

And they had chocolate at the reception!

And perhaps one of the finer buffets I’ve ever had priviledge to partake in at a Hitchin’.  Good stuff.

The Fawtha of the Groom seemed pretty pumped to be getting his baby boy married off and out the house.  Nah…I’m just playing. He looked smashing in his new suit.

Even though he looks it, that is no rock star there with your Sista….that’s the famous Leonard, aka “The Crossville Flash.”  Heh.  He used to be my pastor for a lotta years.  I hadn’t seen him in awhile and it was good to see him do the honors of the Hitchin’. 

Outside Hitchin’s are nice.  (More pictures on the Flicka over yonder )