As far back as I can remember, I can see little Sista playing with baby dolls, pretending to be a Mommy. The only thing I knew for sure I wanted to accomplish in my life was to be a real-life Mom. This big ol boy made that dream come true when I was a month shy of my 23rd birthday. He has been nothing but a joy since that first day. Of my three children, the Manchild is probably the one that feels the most. Mucho heart and soul in this kid. I hear it in the way he plays the guitar, in the way he discusses a plethora of subjects, the way he loves a good comedic delivery…he’s fabulous.

When I woke up Mother’s Day morning, stumbling to make coffee, #2 was sitting on the couch, unusually calm. He presented me with the most fantastic card you could imagine. It was made out of yellow construction paper and in it was a pen with a flower on the top. (“I made that” said #2)
In Sunday morning church, along with her Aunt, I got to sing backup for the Holy Tara. Yeah sure…we had us about 10 Naomi/Wynonna moments before 9:00, but, that the HT even wants to do stuff like that with me says a ton (she smokes me vocally, believe you me. I”m so Skeeter Davis-ish next to her) The word “proud” doesn’t quite describe how it made me feel to hear her beautiful voice ring through the auditiorium this morning.
Mom wasn’t feeling so great this weekend after her immunotherapy treatment the other day, but, I’m blessed to be able to celebrate her and have her here with me on Mother’s Day…no doubt.

I still say my Mama is the prettiest Mama ever.