My mother is in the middle of having these immunotherapy treatments for a little bladdah cancer…they call it the BCG. I don’t know a whole lot about it but I do know it involves using live tuberculosis. Mom could actually get TB from this thing…ew. Anyway….she’s having this thing done once a week. The after affects aren’t as bad as chemo or nothing like that but they make her feel kindly puny.

When we were all over at Mom’s house the other day, my sister noticed this brochure on the table about this whole BCG thing. Sandra made the comment that they made the whole BCG trip look like a vacation brochure. See? Notice how they have the man fly-fishing and catching the treatment? Doesn’t that make it look like fun??? It’s almost like once you go through this fabulous treatment…you can fly-fish. Yes!

Look…they even give her her very own, special card! Almost like “punch card everytime you get a treatment, and you get the 7th treatment free!” Whee!

Mom is even learning all kinds of info about the human body. Here, she describes how long the female urethera is.

The BCG…giving Mimi a new lease on life AND increasing her knowledge.

Barb is stoked about her BCG.

So is the Engineering Brother in Law. Todd gives it a big thumbs up!

Yeah…we’re a bunch of sickos.  We’ve dealt with cancer in this family so much…sheesh.  We have to find the humor in the situation.  I mean, heck…to this day, anytime I hear “All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name” I crack up laughing cause we always would nudge each other and laugh in church when that hymn was sung when I was a teenager …Dad died of Prostate (get that…its Pro-STATE…not Pro-STRATE) cancer and he was the ringleader of that sicko joke…leave it to us to giggle about something serious. 

Gotta get through it….