I had the FUNNEST lunchtime today, y’all. 

I returned to my former place of employment and got to enjoy some quality, :cough: Christian fellowship with my Shishter….my old boss and another former co-worker. 

This would be my old boss…Mike.  Mike is a first class, card-carrying retard.  I ain’t gonna tell what he did about the time this pitcher was snapped.  He is all kinds of wrawng.  Mike was great to work for.  He let the Baby Tawk Wady do most of his dirty work.  Heh.  Nah…Mike is great…it was very good to see him.

Here’s my Shishter and Sue the Register Lady who checked me out everyday for nearly 10 years.  I thought I was gonna cry when I saw Miss Addie and Miss Delores…the ladies who work in the cafeteria.  Especially when Miss Delores came out from behind the sandwich counter, not walking well, to come hug my neck.  Near ’bout got away with me.

My Shishter has a drankin’ problem…..that other lady is Miriam.  

It’s weird to walk into a place you haven’t been in in a long time but a place that used to be part of your everyday world.  I hadn’t been over there to visit cause the thought of it hurt too much but I think I done got over it. 

Gosh, we got to laughing and remembering funny moments…lots of them.  Love them peoples.