I have a fabulous extended family in San Antonio, Texas.  This is my Dad’s family…siblings, nieces and nephews…they’re just wonderfully colorful and interesting.  I’m pretty tickled that I’m fairly close to a lot of them and we communicate quite a bit through this wonderful thing called the Internets.  Funny thing is my first cousins, most of them, are old enough to be my parents.  (Except you, Judi Rae…hee)  Even though it isn’t like I get to hang out with them much, I’m pretty grateful that they are there and just nuts about all of them.

I’m especially nuts about my Aunt Joy.  She is my Dad’s oldest sister, the oldest of the Collie Kids and today, she is 88 years old.  She is an amazing little woman, my Aunt Joy.  In a family of loud, boisterous, Attention-Deficited peoples, Joy was the “Quiet One.”  My Uncle Charles was the Smart, Sensible One, then Lady, Biff and Junie were the Other Ones.  Heh.  They’re all great.  Only Joy and Lady are still living.  I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful aunts and uncles fo sho. 

Quiet and calm though she may be, Joy is a well-rounded, interesting little lady.  I’m amazed that she gets online and checks email everyday.  She has always been so good to remember all of our birthdays.  She was pretty sick here a few months back and I think because of her taking such impeccable care of herself all these years, she bounced back.  She inspires me a ton. 

I wish I was in San Antonio.  If’n I were, I’d go pick Joy up and take her to Luby’s for lunch.  Happy Birthday Joy….I love you!