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Thou Givest Fever

As Eddie Stubbs would say….are there any questions?

Unh huh.

A “Seizure” Not a Stroke

The more the press keeps trying to convince me and you that Uncle Ted did NOT have a stroke, but, rather, a “seizure”….the more they are convincing me that he is perhaps in the same shape Big Joe was in the last several years of his life. 

I mean, they’ve even got Barack Obama playing along saying “I spoke with Sen. Kennedy this morning and he sounded great!”  Psshhhht.  What, Evah. We aren’t stupid, y’all.  I really can’t stand the thought of one of the Kennedy Brothers not being around anymore, so I do hope the old guy is ok. I love me some Kennedy dram-uh.  I’ve always been into all that stuff.  I guess that’s part of my Rainman-ness. I can name every one of them and who they was married to.  Nevermind that I had watched a documentary on the Kennedy’s the other day and every single time I hear the story of Mary Jo and Chappaquiddick, it makes me just plain mad.  It’s no wonder poor Joan (who was without a doubt, the most beautiful Kennedy wife) ended up a lush. 

Speaking of bizarre, (were we?…maybe not) have you ever seen this picture?  Warning…it’s a dayde picture of JFK for you sensitive Whiffas.