Tomorrow is the last day of school for the Smiff Kids. #2 has brought all his junk home…folders…books….crap like that.

I was going through said junkola and there was his book report I he did so beautifully.  They had to make a puppet out of a paper sack of a character from the book and then there was this little questionaire where he was supposed to fill out answers to tell about the STOW-ry, right?  #2’s thing went a little sumpin’ like this:

Title of Book:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Name of Character: Charlie Bucket.  I’m a little boy who lives near Willy Wonka’s Choclate Factory.  I went to his factory. There was a contest and I won.  We went flying in a elavator.  He anouncend that he was leaving and he wanted me to run the factory.

Think about yourself.  Fill out the form below and compare yourself to this character.

Alike: We both like choclate. We both have parents.  We both have grandparents. 

Not Alike: I don’t live near a factory.  My Mom works.  I eat Hershy Bars. I have some toys.  I have a brother.  I have a sister.

Did you like this character?  Why or why not? (This is the hilarious part) Yes.  I just do so there that’s it.    And this was a Trevor Smith Production.

Waaaa hahahahahahaha…..dang my kid’s so funny.  Maybe he’s not to other people, but, he sho is to me. 

Destined for greatness, that boy is. 

And while we’re on the subject, I can hardly stomach the new Willie Wonka thing.  Those fake teeth that whatshisname wears???  I do like that Augustus Gloop number though, however, I don’t like that they used just one Little Person to be the Oompa Loompa and used all that technical magic.  Nope.  Just think of all the Little People they coulda put to work on that thing?  That ain’t right.

When it comes to Wonkas though..Gene Wilder is da man.