Walter “Dee” Kilpatrick was once the manager of the Grand Ole Opry. He was one of the early A & R men on Music Row and he was a founder of the CMA. He also owned the Drapery House in Nashville for many years and he owned Tennessee Walking Horses.

Dee had a wonderful wife, my pal, Mary Jane, who is a long-time encourager of your Sista.

Dee could sho nuff tell a great story about the old days of the Music Biz in Nashville. I can see him, T. Tommy Cutrer, Tom Perryman, Dad and others, huddled together telling a tale, just as plain as day. (Tom P. is the only one of them still around and he’s STILL on the air in Tyler, Texas at 80) something years young.  One of my favorite memories ever is being around that bunch. 

 We’ll miss ya D.