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Smug Alert

Always fun and educational when one hangs with his Dryness. I dig his Hah-brid. Dig some heavy conversation betwixt your Sista and McCeemy. **** Disclaimer….the line about wishing I didn’t have kids was totally in jest, homefries.****

Watch for something really amazing in this video.

And just for fun….here’s the real Smug Alert.  I’ve only seen something like two episodes of South Park and this is one of them.  Heh.


The Way He Was

Dadgum, I hated to hear that Sydney Pollack died of cancer over the weekend.  What a great director.  His directing resume is about a mile long…Absence of Malice, Tootsie (love it), Out Of Africa (won Oscars for that one) The Way We Were, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They, Jeremiah Johnson (a 13 year old Tanya Tucker was in that one) .  He was a fabulous Director but I LOVED it when he acted.  He was a great character actor….I just saw him not long ago in Michael Clayton and gid gad, he was just something else in that too…Husbands and Wives…love me some Sydney. 

 One of my favorite things he directed was the remake of Sabrina.  The original is one of my Top Ten favorites of all time, but, I loved the remake

I’m glad Dustin Hoffman insisted that Sydney play his agent in Tootsie.