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Me and Busy Mom.

The Law Firm of Hutch and Woo.

Kate ‘O (just arrived from having been awarded a special Historic Preservation thing along with her sweet husband, who is also my boyfriend, the fabulous Karsten) and his Knuckness.

Stephanie broke it down.

Ok…so here we have Miranda, Carrie, Samantha…and I guess the photographer was Charlotte, maybe?  Is that a good comparison with the Nashville In The City Girls and the Sex and the City Girls??

Me and my girl, Christy of Beyond The Fried.  Me and Christy go waaaaaaaaay back.  Before Christy was even an earthling.  See, Christy’s family lived on the next street over from me.  I remember when her mama was pregnant with her!  She is so absolutely darling and sweet.

First time I’d gotten to hang with Jim when he wasn’t working.

Nightlife Ain’t No Good Life…

Because we love the nightlife…and love to boogie…on the Disco Rooooooooooo-und…..this is the plan for the evening….

The place…Greenhouse in Green Hills
Time-5:00 (Woulda been later but some people are heavily into Lost)
The Occasion? Just cause.

Be there or be obtuse.

Your Sista will not be partaking in any alcoholic consumption, as entertaining as it usually is when I do, however, I will try to be entertaining stone cold sobah.  I’ve already partook in my allotted two Coronas a year this year.  Now, if there is a Mudslide in the house…..I’m forbidden by law to partake in any Long Island Teas ever again, much to the chagrin of my Shishter.  Hey…I think my Shishter is joining us.  She’s not a blogger (she should be) but we just like hanging out when we can.   

 I’ve even got some of my Baptist friends intrigued as to what it is like when I partake.  Can you believe that?  What kinda Babatists are they anyway???  I didn’t think Baptist bretheren and sisteren partook.  Har.

I didn’t even know this place existed but I appointed Mista Wage in charge of a destination for this little outing cause he is the Man About Town.  (He really is.) And just for fun and nostalgia’s sake….