Me and Busy Mom.

The Law Firm of Hutch and Woo.

Kate ‘O (just arrived from having been awarded a special Historic Preservation thing along with her sweet husband, who is also my boyfriend, the fabulous Karsten) and his Knuckness.

Stephanie broke it down.

Ok…so here we have Miranda, Carrie, Samantha…and I guess the photographer was Charlotte, maybe?  Is that a good comparison with the Nashville In The City Girls and the Sex and the City Girls??

Me and my girl, Christy of Beyond The Fried.  Me and Christy go waaaaaaaaay back.  Before Christy was even an earthling.  See, Christy’s family lived on the next street over from me.  I remember when her mama was pregnant with her!  She is so absolutely darling and sweet.

First time I’d gotten to hang with Jim when he wasn’t working.