I don’t have nary a heavy thing to tell ya today, so, lets just listen to a little bit of Don Gibson, shall we?
Don had him a good day that day when he wrote this song and that little ditty called “I Can’t Stop Loving You” in the same day.  Dang.

Porter’s hair here…..well, there’s just no describing it, is there? What shade of Miss Clairol was that, ya think?

I also can’t help but question the thought pattern on the curtains. Now, I am no decorateur, by any stretch of any imagination, but, why, why, why?

I wisht I coulda found a clip of Don singing Sea of Heartbreak. I just love that.

I did find a clip of Don and June Carter singing the same song, but, really, I was more happier to find a clip that had T. Tommy Cutrer on it.  The Manchild was named after our Unka T.  Tommy’s one of those people that I’d give lots of money to be able to call up and say howdy to. 

Something interesting about T. Tommy…he had a wooden leg. He was in this bad car wreck, on his way to work for WSM, that was actually so bad, they had him tagged when he got to the hospital as DOA.

There’s some funny stories about Tommy and his leg floating around (I’ve heard some tales from the Flatt & Scruggs bus that are pretty gut busting) but I have one of my very own. It might be one of those “guess you had to be there” things but trust me…it was funny.

When the Holy Tara was a baby, I had taken her to the doctor, which was up at Hendersonville Hospital. I ran into T. Tommy’s daughter in the waiting room and she said her Dad was in the hospital and that I simply must go by and see him with the Baby.

The Cutrers were (and I’m sure still are) very persuasive people. In fact, I was always scared of them when I was little because they had this way of talking that made you want to stand up straighter. So when Zennette said I had to go over to the hospital to see Tommy, there was no way I’d be able to get out of that. She’d done decided it for me.

So, I carry the Baby in her little carrier over to the hospital part and go in to see Tommy. We’re all chit chatting, them looking and goo gooing over Baby Tara and it’s just all a nice moment when out of the corner of my eye, I see Tommy’s fake leg laying on the window thing. Scared the sheeeet outta me.

I always knew about Tommy’s leg, ya see, but, it was something I never thought about and tended to forget and there it lay in the window. You haven’t lived til you’ve had a moment like that, folks. Kinda like seeing Porter getting a pedicure….just one of those things.

And there I began this post thinking I had nothing heavy to say. Psssht.