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Big Hugh Baby

I swanee to goodness, the Celebrity Death Hag wagon has been working overtime lately….Bo Diddley earlier today and now your Sista has learnt that Hugh Jarrett, who was the bass singer for the Jordanaires (pre-Ray Walker) died over the weekend.   Big Hugh Baby (that’s what they called him in radio) has sorta become something of an iconic image beings that he was part of the Jordanaires when Elvis did his historic appearances on Ed Sullivan.  You know, when they had to shoot the Kang from the waist up cause they was scared he was gonna get all gyrating singing Peace In The Valley.  Gah.  I do love that song though, I tell you whats the truth.

 I mean, how does one sleep at night having stood behind Elvis oohing and ahhing, and being part of history? 

You know, when it’s in off -Elvis season (meaning when it’s not January or August when they run Elvis stuff constantly, so much you get sick of it) and you see one of these clips, it reminds one of how unbelievably purty Elvis was.

Bo Diddley 1928-2008

One of the architects of Rock ‘N Roll

The Weekend In Pictures

I have taken something like 239 pictures since Friday. Here’s a sample of a few of the sights and sounds of the last few days…

Got to see Hutch twicet within 24 hours. He came to gloat over the fact that my pal, J-Dub, will now be working with him again and has left us. (I know…lots of people have left where I work of late. It’s always my favorite people. Maybe I should take a hint?)

J-Dub, though he may appear to be shy and all?  Once the spotlight shines on him, you just have to sit and let him do his thang…

This was the undisputed highlight of J-Dub’s Goodbye Soiree though…


We celebrated Grandma Hazel’s birthday Saturday.

I think Grandma’s favorite birthday present was this…all 6 of the grandkids with her.



 Saw Mickey Mouse at the ceement pond.  I hope they paid that kid a little extra to wear that stupid outfit on such a hot day. 

 Cute, young lifeguards in grass skirts doing the Somethin Or Anutha Slide with a bunch of little kids(whatever that daince is called) was entertaining. 

I just love our Ceement Pond. 

Ran into my little pal, Will.  He smiled at me.  All the cute fellers smile at your Sista.

The Manchild digs his Uncle’s Martin.

Good weekend…