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Daddy And Home

Not a whole lot of film of Jimmie Rodgers.  This is very cool.

Sister Sandra…was it JR’s tombstone that fell on you that time? HA. Not many peoples can claim that distinguishing honor, to have the Singing Brakeman’s…um…part of his resting place fall on ya person.

Happy Father’s Day

I’ve shared this here before, but, I love it so much, I have to share it again, since it’s Father’s Day.  Y’all indulge me…

This is from a telegram sent from my Dad to his Dad on Father’s Day, 1975-


What do you think has happened now, I’m the happiest boy alive

For  sometimes when we go out alone, my Dad, he lets me drive

He taught me about the gears and things a long, long time ago

And he is always explaining out to me the things a boy should know

Of course, when Mother is along, Dad sticks to the wheel

She is nervous and gets scared, you know how women feel

My mother, she is a brick alright, she is the best, by far

She mends and cooks and cleans for me, but, Dad….

He lets me drive the car.

June 10, 1935-By Biff Collie

Happy Father’s Day, Dad…I still think you’re the best.  I love you.

I miss ’em both.