I got to go down to San Antonio Friday to see my kinpeoples. It was a quickly planned, spur-of-the-moment thing and the doings of the Good Lord. I’ll tell more about it later but here’s a few pictures of me and the Collie Clan…

Now, I’m not positive, but, I think I had just said something off-cullah.  The way Cuzzin Sharon (I was named after her) is looking at me…I think it’s possible.

This is my Aunt Lady (that is her real name) my two-time Uncle Wesley (was married first to my Aunt Junie then married Lady after Junie died. Heh.) and then my Aunt Joy with their most favorite-est niece. 

Top…me, Cindy, Vicki Sitting…Judi, Joy, Lady and Sandra.

Yes, we are hawt.

Mo’ later.