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They Come In Threes, Fours, and Fives

I am not much on politics, however, I love me some Tim Russert and HATE to hear that he died this morning of a heart attack. Dadgum.

Danny Davis, leader of the Nashville Brass died yesterday in Nashville.  One of my favorite records as a kid…was Danny Davis and the NB doing “Running Bear.”  Shut up. I loved that. 

Another thing that kills me and makes me shake my head is when people refer to the Music Row types as “Good Ol’ Boys” when most of them are Yankees….Danny Davis (he was an A & R man, too ya know) was from Boston.

Gordon Lightfoot has also gone to that great Sundown in the Sky.  Loved him. I’ve always thought this was a cool song.   ***I have been corrected that Gordon is still amongst the living.  Heh heh.  Sorry Gordon.  Not trying to kill you here. 

And this one….loooove this song…

Also, Sam Bush’s dad, Charlie, who was a regular fixture backstage at the Grand Ole Opry as far as I can remember passed away yesterday.  Sam is STILL gonna be playing at Bonnaroo today and somewhere in Georgia tomorrow.  Amazing.




The Way To Wake Up

I have one of those alarm clocks that has a cd player in it.  I don’t always use the cd alarm to wake up and if I do, the Snooze is usually hit before much music plays.

Not this morning.

Apparently. the alarm had been playing awhile before I actually started to wake up.  Just as I was starting to stir, this is what came on.  I am crazy about some Hymns.  Probably one of my favorite things to listen to in the world.  It was just a good way to wake up on a Friday morning.

**This was the only You Tube video I found with the Selah version of How Great Thou Art. It has the Gaither Vocal Band singing “He Touched Me” after HGTA which I also looove.

It’s True!

You could own this or two other sweaters that belong to Bill Cosby.

Don’t Know What It’s Like

A little Janis for a hot Thursday…

Always intriguing to me that people refer to Janis Joplin as “chubby.” Um. If this is chubby…then I would be morbidly obese like those people they have to take walls offa houses to get them to the hospital for their emergency, Gastric Bypass..


My girl, Bev, my most fabulous co-worker who never ceases to make me laugh…told me the funniest thing yesterday. Y’all may not think it’s so funny but it kilt me.

Her daughter was babysitting a relative or friend or somebody, a little girl that’s not quite 2 years old. Now, if you’ve been around a little girl that age that’s articulate, you will appreciate the hilarity of what this child said.

The Not-Yet-Two Year Old looked at Beverly and said “My pocketbook is itchin’.” HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I ain’t never heard it called that before.

Reminds me of the time when the Holy Tara was about that age. She was little bitty, not two years old. I was getting out of the shower and she toddled into where I was and said “Ewwwwwwwwwwww….cucky poo poo.”

Ways In Which I Am Odd and Something Totally Random

One of the things I absolutely hate about myself is this….When somebody makes me mad, I tend to cry.  Why is that?  That makes me even madder.  I don’t cry a lot.  I probably should cry more.  I don’t like to cry in front of anybody because I ain’t so purty when I cry.  I prefer to cry in the privacy of my own person. 

I know somebody’s gonna email saying “Who made you cry, Sista?”  It was mostly somebody trying to be “constructively critical” when in reality, I think this person is mostly flexing their Control Freak Extraordinaire muscles and it just hasn’t set well with me.   I ain’t a’handlin’ it so well. 

Maybe I just had me a good cry sittin’ in there waiting to escape and this just brought it out?  Perhaps? 

I think I get mad at myself for crying over stuff like that because when I was a little kid, I would cry if you looked at me wrong.  I was a ninny.  I can’t tell you the family pictures that exist with little Sharon crying.  I wish I had one on hand to show ya cause it’s funny. 

It’s not a work issue.  It has to do with my writing and it’s yet another confirmation I do not need to be writing for a living because I don’t like to be told what to write and how to write it and I stomp my feet and cry and threaten to take my toys and go home if somebody takes issue with something I write. 

Yeah, yeah…get ovah it, Sista.  

Oh…and something totally random for a Monday…

See this picture?  (My sister is going to instantly recognize it)  This exact “collage” (I’m not so sure what to call it….eek) hung in our house in our “Little Den”  when we were kids.  I’ve never seen another one like it…until yesterday. 

This picture created the same reaction that happens to me when I hear a song playing in a store or something that I haven’t heard since 1978, yet, I know every single word, still.  With this picture, I remembered every single detail about it…down to the name on the mailbox in the top row. (Mitchell)

The thing that’s even funnier to me about this is it’s highly possible this could be the exact same picture that hung in the Collie House in the 70′s.  My mother used to have a Garage Sale every other year.  If this was purchased at a Garage Sale, it’s likely it was ours.  Ok, so it probably wasn’t, but, it’s a fun, albeit, weird thought though, isn’t it?

Sista-Your Action News Reportah

We had a thing at the church this morning to kinda kick off the summer.  It was all lots of fun (even though it was hotter ‘n Hades out there). There was people jumping Bungees…Cute kids stuffing their faces with cotton candy…

The Holy Tara’s feller even showed up.

Just one of them All American sorta events where everybody’s happy and all is right in the world.


You hear what sounded like a fender bender.  Then you think an animal got hit by a car.  Then you hear a human scream from the ditch and you realize that was no dog that got hit by a car, but, a real human.

Even more disturbing was that 911 was called and I bet it was 10 minutes before the first police car and firetruck showed up.  The ambulance didn’t show up til probably another 10 minutes after they got there.  Somebody explain to me why I see tons of ambulance types at the Chik Fil A nearly everytime I’m there and where in the crap were they today?

The yellow firetruck there?  That’s the Shackle Island Volunteer Fire Department’s truck.  THOSE guys were the first responders to this situation.  Why?  Because they were at the church giving rides to the kids.  I’m glad they were there and they jumped into action waiting on Hendersonville’s Finest to get there.  Gah.

The poor man was hurt pretty bad.  I know his leg was jacked up and they were fearful there were some internal injuries.  I heard him moaning and hollering and I just felt horrible for him.  There he was, walking on the street, beautiful day….hit by a Gold Explorer that DID NOT EVEN STOP.  The poor man flew through the air and the asshats didn’t even stop. 

THEN, I get home from the shindig at the church and there’s po-leece in front of my house and people standing around.  Obviously, the DRAM-uh was not contained to Indian Lake Rd. today, no sirreeee. I asked the Po-leeceman what had I missed in front of my house?  Apparently, a tree decided to fall, hitting power lines, knocking out some people’s power.  Our power stayed on (praise you Jesus) but all my  neighbors weren’t so lucky with that. 

The people standing in front of my house, watching the Cumberland Electric guys do their thing were a little more of the variety of “Pardon me sir…did you see what happened?  Yeeeeeeeuh, I deee-ud…..”  Boogity, boogity.





Interesting Pickshas Of The Week

This house was the first house on the street in my subdivision for probably 30 years.  They carted that sucka off and moved it away somewhere earlier this week.  The fact that houses can be scooped up, stuck on a truck and moved elsewhere is very fascinating to me.

Even more fascinating to me was looking on the Property Value Data and seeing what that house and the property it sat on sold for….$300,000.  It sat on the corner of Creekwood and New Shackle Island Rd. just across from the Glenbrook complex (where Target, Kohls, etc. are).  I wish we coulda bought that place when we moved here in 1996. 

I do hope that nice, middle-aged couple that lived there, for God knows how long, got ‘em something really nice to shack up in. 

#2 has taken an interest in being a Dadgum Songwriter of late.  He’s even making his own sheet music.  Now, I do not know the reason he was so inspired by Jimmy Martin to write a song about him, but, I do think this right here was pretty dang creative of him. 

This is my pal, Landon.  Now if that’s not the best pacifier ever made, then my name is not Seesta Smiff. 

They had a Zumbathon at the Y last night.  Your Sista Zumba‘d for about 3 hours straight.  It was a fundraiser for the We Build People campaign and I’m telling you what, I had a big ol’ time (with Holly, Diana and Amanda).  This is me, Holly and Diana before the Zumba-ing commenced.  We was too tuckered out when we were done to take an After picture. 

 You talk about a fun way to exercise…that Zumba is really, really fun.  It’s not like you’re working out.  It’s like you’ve gone out dancing, for real.   I’ve gotten so into Spinning that I hadn’t been to a Zumba class in about a month.  We had us a good time, even though some of those moves, are not meant for 39 year old wimmin, such as myseff, who have given birth thrice.  I’m getting better at the shakin’ thing.  ‘Fo long, I’m gonna be able to do that hip shakin’ thing that Shakira girl does.

Sermon on the Mound

Numero Dos had a big time in his musical from Music Camp at church this week.  He had him a bit of a solo spot (I videoed it..will get it up later). 


Reason #3,875 Why I Hate Cancer

I hate cancer.  It’s always been lurking in the background, which I guess, it does for a lot of people.  My mom was the latest family member to have a round with it of late. 

Back in January, I did a post on the cool fundraiser, Driving For A Cure, to raise money for Breast Cancer research.  In that post, I talked about my Aunt Junie and her gallant battle against breast cancer and that’s part of why I’m so interested in the whole thing.

I found out this morning that Junie’s daughter, my most wonderful cousin, Judi, is now facing the same damn battle.  It pisses me off.  It just does.  In fact, I emailed Judi this morning after I found out what’s going on with her and instead of throwing some heavy, Jesus-y stuff at her, this was my greeting to my beloved cousin:  “Well, shit.  This sucks.”  It does.

I know that Judi is going to be fine.  She taught Middle School for 30 years and survived that.  She’s always been an independent, free spirit…heck, she raises mules.  Me and Judi can get on the phone and just babble for hours, solving problems of the world and what-not.  I wish there weren’t something like 1500 miles between us or I’d be hanging out at Judi’s farm in Texas all the time.   Hers was caught during a routine mammogram and she’s always been pretty diligent about matters of health.

I know Judi’s gonna be fine.  Still, it pisses me off that she’s got breast cancer. Why?

I guess it was about 1972, her mother, Junie…was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was diagnosed after being mis-diagnosed for a long time.  I don’t know how long it was, but, it was awhile.  I also realize that in 1972, they didn’t have all the stuff they have now to diagnose, treat BC. 

Junie fought that danged cancer.  I swear….8 or 9 years.  She fought that sucker tooth and nail.  She died in June of 1979…I will never forget that day…we went to Opryland with my Louisiana cousins.  I heard my mother’s name paged over the loudspeaker and even though I was 10 and was not told a lot of details about Junie’s illness (it was kinda whispered…like in that movie “St Elmo’s Fire” where the girl’s mother whispered anything negative like “cancer”) but I KNEW that Junie was probably gone and dadgum…a little later, me and Buddy walked up to Mom and her sister sitting in that theater there in the 50′s part of Opryland and she blurted out that Junie was gone.  Weird how some things stay with you.

Anyway…it makes me so mad that my Uncle Wesley, who is 80 years old, in the last year has dealt with the death of a grandson…he watched his wife suffer and die with cancer and blast-it…now his baby girl has to confront the same thing.  I’m more worried about him than Judi, really.  Stuff like that’s  hard on a Dad. 

Judi, though…she’s gonna be fine.  She’s having surgery next week and I have no doubt she’s gonna be an octagenerian on her farm with all her various and sundry critters and will outlive all of us.  She is blessed with two sisters, who will stand with her through this whole ordeal, the rest of us in her family, lots of friends….she’s gonna do fine.

I still hate she has to even deal with this at all. 


Walkin’ On The Backroads

It’s a worn out cliche’ that I tend to use too often, but, has it really been 7 years since the world has had John Hartford walking around? 

I remember the first time I ever met John.  I guess I was about 15 or 16.  I’d never seen anybody who looked like him and he had this…way about him, that I’d never seen on anybody before or since.   I am not so sure where we were but when Dad introduced me to him, instead of the old handshake or whatever, he tipped his signature Derby hat and totally won me over. I didn’t know who he was at that point but I was smitten.

I used to go hear John’s String band a lot in the late 80′s. This stuff made me want to have fiddles at my wedding, which I had.

Of late, I have been slayed with this particular Hartford song that I play over and over and over on the Ipod…this version here is by John’s son, Jamie (who I’ve always thought should be a huge star…good grief that boy can sing) and I put this one up so you can hear the story behind the song.

This is extremely cool here. Video quality isn’t so great, but, you can hear it good…love it.



Down Every Road….

You know how you can hear a song 15,000 times, know the words and then one day, you realize how great the lyrics are?  This was rolling around my Ipod today:

I raised a lot of cane back in my younger days -While Mama always prayed my crops would fail…

-The Fugitive   Merle Haggard

What a great line.



Big Hugh Baby

I swanee to goodness, the Celebrity Death Hag wagon has been working overtime lately….Bo Diddley earlier today and now your Sista has learnt that Hugh Jarrett, who was the bass singer for the Jordanaires (pre-Ray Walker) died over the weekend.   Big Hugh Baby (that’s what they called him in radio) has sorta become something of an iconic image beings that he was part of the Jordanaires when Elvis did his historic appearances on Ed Sullivan.  You know, when they had to shoot the Kang from the waist up cause they was scared he was gonna get all gyrating singing Peace In The Valley.  Gah.  I do love that song though, I tell you whats the truth.


 I mean, how does one sleep at night having stood behind Elvis oohing and ahhing, and being part of history? 


You know, when it’s in off -Elvis season (meaning when it’s not January or August when they run Elvis stuff constantly, so much you get sick of it) and you see one of these clips, it reminds one of how unbelievably purty Elvis was.

Bo Diddley 1928-2008

One of the architects of Rock ‘N Roll

The Weekend In Pictures

I have taken something like 239 pictures since Friday. Here’s a sample of a few of the sights and sounds of the last few days…

Got to see Hutch twicet within 24 hours. He came to gloat over the fact that my pal, J-Dub, will now be working with him again and has left us. (I know…lots of people have left where I work of late. It’s always my favorite people. Maybe I should take a hint?)

J-Dub, though he may appear to be shy and all?  Once the spotlight shines on him, you just have to sit and let him do his thang…

This was the undisputed highlight of J-Dub’s Goodbye Soiree though…


We celebrated Grandma Hazel’s birthday Saturday.

I think Grandma’s favorite birthday present was this…all 6 of the grandkids with her.



 Saw Mickey Mouse at the ceement pond.  I hope they paid that kid a little extra to wear that stupid outfit on such a hot day. 

 Cute, young lifeguards in grass skirts doing the Somethin Or Anutha Slide with a bunch of little kids(whatever that daince is called) was entertaining. 

I just love our Ceement Pond. 

Ran into my little pal, Will.  He smiled at me.  All the cute fellers smile at your Sista.

The Manchild digs his Uncle’s Martin.

Good weekend…


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