I’m still pinching myself that I actually went to San Antonio over the weekend.  That trip was so good for me in so many different ways…I haven’t even been able to process it all yet. 

I have some great cousins.  They’re all a good bit older than me and most of them, I keep in fairly close contact with through email and a family website I started, gosh, about 6 years ago now.  There’s nothing like face-to-face contact though and I had some great conversations with most of them.  I’m gonna have to do posts on all of them individually cause they’re cool people. 


This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip to Tejas.  This is my Cousin Ronnie.  His mama is my Aint Joy and his daughter is Cousin Julie the Broadway Star (linked over there. She’s amazing)

 Ron (I don’t reckon nobody calls him Ronnie no more unless theys kin) and my Dad were a close Uncle/Nephew unit.  Ron told the story of how Dad took him to, I guess it was the airport, to leave for Viet Nam.  He could barely get the words out, telling it the story.  He was saying how Dad had only known my mother a short time at that point and as they rode in the care, he was raving about this wonderful woman in his life. 

Ron also told of how when he returned from Viet Nam, Dad was there to meet him.  Dad met him in the street, physically picked Ron up, and they stood there, in the middle of the street, hugging and crying.  That’s a mental picture that brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it.

Ron also reminds me a ton of my Dad.  How they talk…other mannerisms.  Did my heart a ton of good to see him and his wonderful wife, Nancy (get it, Ron & Nancy? Heh) his daughter Katie and her two kids, who I  totally fell in love with and of course…his wonderful son, Michael. 

 had not seen Katie since she was about the same age as her son…about 4.  Ron and Katie’s mother divorced many years ago and they moved to Oklahoma.  We never were in San Antonio at the same time.  I watched Katie go from a little girl to a grown up lady through photographs. She’s quite beautiful and a great mom to Isabella and Trace.  One of the most laidback moms of young children I’ve ever seen…very patient.