This Olympic thing has me dazzled.  I mean, Michael Phelps…he’s a freak of nature.  I heard them say he is double jointed at the knees?  Say what?  He’s something else to watch.  All those swimmers are like tadpoles.

I can’t look at Bob Costas now without laughing.  He used to be cute as a bug.  Newscoma and CLC have done ruint me on Bob Costas.

When I first turned the Olympics on last night, I saw two dudes on a platform doing synchronized diving. What. The. Hell? That mess spooked me. I don’t know why, but, I was so highly disturbed by it, I had to text CLC about it. I thought at first I was watching some sort of Olympic parody, kinda like the above clip, that 20-something years later, still causes me to nearly wet my pants laughing. “I’m not that STRONG of a swimmer.” HAHAHAHAHA


One of the little synchronized diver fellers even reminded me of Martin Short in that clip. Had that same, just-out-of-the-mental-institution look which was further confirmed that it was a nutty sport by the way the commentator was explaining why the synchronized divers get out of the pool and go stand under the shower. Something about how the pool water is colder and the shower water warms their muscles up, which is all valid and understandable. Then, Commentator said something about how the divers also “like to just have fun in the shower.” I dunno. Synchronized Diving is going to give me nightmares. It’s just creepy.

CLC texted back saying they had just seen a Russian guy do an “unintentional can-opener”. Can you imagine years of training, all the travel to get to frickin Beijing and you get up there and do a Cannonball into the water? Lordy mercy. That musta made Putin and all the rest of the gang proud to be Russians, dontchya know? Poor guy.

And speaking of guy swimmers…I’m hoping that the kinda suits those guys are wearing now (which I dig) will inspire men everywhere to ditch the Speedos cause you know, it’s just wrawng for most people to even think of wearing one. That will be news to a coupla middle aged dudes that go to my YMCA but I hope it will inspire those two to retire their Speedos.