I coulda cried for poor little Alicia Sacramone last night.  First, she fell off the balance beam when she mounted on the thing and then in the Floor Exercise, fell right smack dab on her hiney.  She held herself together so well though.  If that’d been me, I’d have burst into tears and run away.  Those girls did bring us a Silver medal for the US team though. 

I was amazed a couple of those gymnast girls actually have bosoms.  I didn’t think gymnasts were allowed to have those.  That’s good to see.

That Balance Beam thing…oncet upon a time, I used to turn flips and do gymnastics myself.  (shut up, I did too) You gotta remember those balance beams are something like 4 inches wide.  I think I may have mastered a cartwheel on the thing.  That little Shawn Johnson gal, makes it look like it’s as simple as hopscotch.

Michael Phelps is making everybody say “Mark Who?”