I was just reading Jag’s post about her weekend in LA.

Everytime I see the word “Pasadena” and especially “South” and “Pasadena” together, it makes me think of how my Dad used to call me “Sharon Rosena From South Pasadena” (Sharon Rose being my given name.) 

I saw the name “Pascagoula” on a weather map today and that’s another one of the phrases Dad would use in reference to me.  Sometimes, he’d say “Sharon Rose-oola From South Pascagoula.”

When I had my own kids, of course, I had to attempt the same sorta thing.  It was “Tyler Thomas-o From Southwest El Paso” and “Tara Rosita From South Escondido.”  Unfortunately for #2 (or maybe he was fortunate) I never came up with a twist on his first and middle names.  I wonder if he’ll end up on Oprah cause of that someday?

Lame, yes, but, it was always fun to say and even funner to hear Tyler and Tara as little people try to say it.  Tyler, with his lisp and Tara always said it perfect.