In my move, I found something I didn’t know I was in possession of.  My grandfather’s fabulous postcard collection.  (Pop Collie has been dead since 1979)  Most of these didn’t have anything written on the back of them.  People, I guess, would pick them up on various trips and some he got from his infamous roadtrips (ones where he’d decide at the drop of a hat “I think I’ll go visit Biff” and he’d drive from San Antonio to Los Angeles and “forget” to tell my grandmother)There were some real gems in this plastic pouch, like this  one from the Desert Inn in Las Vegas.

I love this one from Kentucky Lake, I guess, from the 50’s.

I love this one of Francis Albert Sinatra.


And the Palladium (I bet that Lawrence Welk show rawked the house!)

This one from the Tutweiler Hotel in Birmingham advertised it’s air conditioning.

Of all the stuff in the collection, this one was my favorite…from the El Paseo Inn in Los Angeles:

Ladies in slacks and men without ties…please refrain from dancing. 

I wonder if Pop Collie had any clue that 50 years + after getting these postcards in his posession, that his grandchildren would treasure them so much?  Maybe he did.