May I direct your attention here for a moment?  Please go visit The Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss, who has taken up blogging.  I wish he’d blog some of his adventures in gospel music.  Har. He’s got lotsa stories and he especially likes old, Baptist men with reeeallly black hair. 

David is a man of many talents. I’d give anythang to be able to work with him again.  For real, David is a part of me getting this Piece of the Pie thang.  (Yes, you are, Dave, so shut up).  David was the first boss who appreciated my …oddness.  He never treated me as anything but an equal to him and I learned so much from him.  He has no idea. 

We worked hard.  Sometimes we had long hours but good lord we had a good time.  We laughed a lot.  The only time ever got visibly irritated with me, and really, it was more like a little impatient, was the times he was trying to show me something on Powerpoint.  He’d say “Sharon…just let me drive.”  Heh. 

So, go say hey to him and tell him I sent you.