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A Schpilkis In My Genectagazoink?

How come didn’t nobody ever tell me about the Sleep Timer on the teevee?  Did y’all always know about this?  I think I sorta knew it was there, but, thought it was for something else, maybe?  At any rate, I like it a whole lot and find it interesting that I sleep better WITHOUT the teevee on! 

Who knew that if you go to sleep with the teevee on, and when you roll over in the middle of the night and sorta kinda, but, not really, wake up, that if the teevee ISN’T on, you won’t get that stimulated to get ensconced in say, the repeat of Conan or find some really groovy old movie on TCM, and then you end up getting 27 minutes of sleep after 3 a.m.?  Amazing.

You know how after somebody dies and you go through the immediate aftermath and you have the phone constantly ringing off the wall, a stream of people constantly in your face and then the day after the funeral, the phone stops ringing and people go back to their own business and you are faced with an eery quiet and you stare your grief right in the face?    That’s kinda what I”m feeling right now, except there hasn’t been a physical death and nobody brought me a casserole.  At least not yet.


September 9, 1993, 1:07 pm, Tara Rose discovered America.

I remember the Blue Magic Marker Incident like it was yesterday. How did she go from this….

To 15 years old overnight? (This is her and her friend Holly)

Happy Birthday Tara…like it or not, your Mama loves you.