I love Facebook.  I love that in the last month, I’ve reconnected with a ton of people I haven’t even as much as given a teeny thought to since Reagan was in office. 

Today, my fellow former Franklin Rebel/Band Geek Denise was so precious and stuck this lovely photo on the Facebook. 

I’ll sit here and wait whilst you have yourself a nice belly laugh. 

The thing that jumps out at me…is not the little blonde whatever that is on the top of my head (shut up, that was my Rosanne Cash phase when she was in the “I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me” period.  That’s not what’s so mortifying to me.  Nor is it the teeth.  It’s the eyebrows.  That was when I only pulled them sometimes and when I did, my eyes would water.  I didn’t know about wax yet.  Nice contour, don’t you think?

Shut up.  I was hot.

Now I have to search and see if I have a picture of Denise and her French Horn.