Y’all…do me, but, mostly do yourselves a favor and go read this stunningly fabulous post by my good pal, Chris. 

Chris has done Medical Transcription from home for a very long time.  She’s seen lotsa stuff.  I sorta relate to what she’s writing about, but, on a different sort of level.  Chris sees everything.  I see, for lack of a better word, Cooties.

Most of the things I see at my work, lab results of people with various communicable diseases, do not result in death.  Sometimes they do, but, 9 times out of 10, if a patient dies and has invasive MRSA or VRE or one of those things, they also had terminal cancer or advanced kidney disease or some other condition that weakened their system considerably. As if having a terminal or serious illness wasn’t a bitch enough, they get an infection from the hospital. 

It’s easy when you see so much paperwork of various sicknesses to not think of each lab slip as a real person.  It’s more paperwork.  I put my earphones in and go into my little Cootie Zone to block out the very loud people that work around me.  I kinda dig it there in that little Zone and I confess I don’t always think of these names and these ugly sounding sicknesses, (Shigella just plain sounds like something you don’t want, ya know?) that are required to be reported to the State by Law, as being painful or unpleasant.  I’m mostly just seeing how quick I can get everything entered (lots of little steps to that process) get them faxed to the Investigators and get them filed away.

A couple months ago, my lifelong friend Karen’s husband, Ron (who’s been married to Karen for so long, I’ve known him since I was 18) became ill with E-Coli while on vacation in Gulf Shores.  It’s a long, drawn-out story, but, Ron is a very lucky man to be breathing today.  There was a time there for a few days that it was touch and go, his kidney’s failed and I know Karen probably imagined herself as a single mother raising their two kids alone.  It was a very scary situation, but, thankfully, Ron is recovering. 

I guess Ron’s name ended up on an assistant in the CDC office down there in Alabama.  Somebody had to investigate it and trace where Ron picked up this thing that just about killed him.  I suppose the Alabama Health Dept. equivalent to me didn’t think nary a thing about it. 

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I was just so moved by Chris’s thoughts on what she does, it just got me thinking.    Just go read it.