Feel Good Friday is h’year and this week, lets us look at some funny clips from my most favorite movie EVER…Oh gawsh, how I love this movie.  It isn’t all 100% accurate with everything but Tommy Lee Jones and Sissy Spacek are so wonderful. 

A little trivia that nobody-gives-a-flip about….the scene where Loretty says the infamous line about Doo “gettin’ horny” live on the radio…the DJ she’s talking to is supposed to be Hugh Cherry.  Hugh was a well known DJ from here to the West Coast (yep, a compadre of Biff’s on KFOX in Long Beach).  Hugh auditioned for the role of himself and DIDN’T GET IT.  I never understood that.  Hugh was a rather handsome feller and not knocking Big Boy who did get the part…I imagine they wanted to embellish the stereotype that Country Music people are all yay-hoos or something.  I don’t know.