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All Hallows Eve

Various and sundry scenes from Halloween 2008.  These little dawlings are some sort of cheese concoction that Rachel at work whipped up.  Aren’t they cute?

Two of my new work peeps…Sara and Kim.  

This is Abbie…my former next door neighbors adorable little grandaughter that I’m glad I pulled up just in time to see.  What a cutie.

My son, the Zombie.  (I knew somebody out there would be happy with this costume.)

Halloween was weird this year.  Normally, I’ve always walked #2 (and the other kids when they were younger) around the neighborhood.  This year, #2 didn’t want me to so I gave out candy.  It was weird.  Part of the awkwardness is due to the Changes but really, the biggest part of it is my kids are older.

This was one of my favorite Halloweens ever.   Sniff sniff.

What Hump?

Feel Good Friday-Halloween Edition-

Happy Halloween and thank you God for Mel Brooks.

Totally Random Tuesday

Look at my adorable pal Jill, y’all.  I swear….Feel like I’ve known her forever. And I’m startled with how much I look like my mother in this picture. Look at Mom on the left in 1965.  She was younger there than I am now and lots mo’ cuter but …

This is Jill being pensive…

I want glasses like hers. 

Another secret about Jill….she went to the same Girls school that Priscilla Presley went to.  Not when Priscilla was there, mind you. 

Oh and look at the sunset today…

Yvette Minton is still one of the funnier people I know. 

If I leave for work before 0-700 hours, traffic is not near as bad then as it is if I wait til 10 after 7 to leave.  Also, traffic back up towards my house is not NEAR as bad at 4:30 as it is at 5:30.  Thus, my work hours are gonna be 7:30-4:30. 

I like my drive to work especially cause I get to see the sun come up and stuff like that makes me glad to be alive.  Same as the sunsets do. 

I am going to have to get a different vehicle before long that gets better gas mileage.

I got gas yesterday at the Concord Store in Brentwood.  The same spot where I saw a scene from WW & The Dixie Dance Kings filmed when I was 4 years old.  I saw Burt Reynolds there and heard the women scream at him (including my mother).  It’s a different building now than was put there in the 70’s (after they blew up the old one in the movie).  That’s where I got my gas when I started driving when Ed owned that store and knew everybody’s name that came in the door and his son knew what kinda cigarettes I smoked and would just get them down when he saw me.

I laughed because the Concord Store has a friggin BANK in it now.  A bank.

I like being out in my old neck o’da woods.  It’s probably stupid to say but I love driving down there every morning and seeing those same sights I saw growing up. Something about it, right now, especially, is very comforting to me and a gift.  I know I keep saying that…but it’s good for me.

OH! Are you wanting some pictures made? Of your kids? You and yer feller? You and yer woman?  Fall cullahs are peaking and my sister will be in Nashville this weekend doing her thing for a whole lot cheaper than you can get it at a lot of other places.  Go hollah at her.

And I LOVE this weather.  I just wish I knew where all my sweatshirts were.

Phone The Neighbors, Wake The Kids

I have just done something I’ve never done before.  I didn’t think I could, but, dangit…I have done done it.

I. Just. Created. An. Excel. Spreadsheet. All. By. Myself.

But, if I don’t have an Excel phobia, then what will I be afraid of? 

I’m still skeered of mice.

Fast Times in Kewl Springs

I’m doing something today that I haven’t done in awhile.  I have a Blogger Friend Date.  YAY! 

I’m meeting Jill from Seafood Chicken and can’t wait.  I have no clue what Jill looks like, however, I do know what her husband looks like. 

 See, Jill married one of the Burgin Boys of Brentwood.  Them Burgin Boys were some kinda cute.  There was Tim, David (was there another one?) They were older than me and would’ve never known I existed (that’s how hot they were in school, ya see) so, I’m thinking Jill must be a cute girl to have snagged her a Burgin. She sure seems like a sweetheart. 

 I always thought of people like them as being kinda like that character in Fast Times At Ridgemont High that Forrest Whitaker played…the Football guy and the kid says “Wow! He really lives here? I thought he just flew in for games!”  That’s how I always thought of the Burgins and people like them.

Anyway, Jill is a great writer and we’ve yapped back and forth on email for a good while and I’m looking forward to getting to meet her.  If she’ll let me, I’ll take pitchers.

Match Game

So Dara, my wonderfully twisted co-worker (and next door office neighbor) told me the funniest story I heard all week.

Dara was married for a lotta years. Got divorced. Now, I’m not sure when this happened, but, at some point, she got on

Guess who one of her matches was?

Her ex-husband. HAHHAHHAHAHA! He didn’t think it was funny.

I love that story.

Mo’ Bettah

We’re doing this song this morning in church. I love it when we rehearse this one. I could just sing this one over and over cause it’s such a happy number and plus, it’s true.

Happy Sunday.

In Which I Use A Few Too Many Metaphors…

I feel like somebody took my innards and just tied ’em up in a big ol’ double knot.

Do I roll with it and just untie the stupid thing and let it straighten itself out by doing what it needs to do or do I just sit on it and keep the knot tied and just get used to that uncomfortable feeling until I’m numb to it and it doesn’t bother me anymore?

I think the first option is what I’m supposed to do, according to the counselor. But, if I do that, then I’ll be all sad and blue and I don’t want to be. Sad and blue is not attractive and it makes others around you uncomfortable. I like everybody to be happy and comfortable. If I’m out of sorts, then it will be obvious.

No, just go on and get your mind on something else and avoid dealing with the knot. My pain tolerance is high. I can suck it up and pretend I don’t hurt.

Then again, maybe if I let it out of its cage, it might get kinda ugly for a little bit. It might get downright nasty getting down to the nitty gritty and getting all the yuck out but maybe…just maybe….once all that junk gets a good scrubbing….gets out, maybe, just maybe, the knot will loosen and everything will start working normally again better. Hmmm…thats quite a concept.

That knot has kinda begun to interefere with my regularity. I really don’t want Jamie Lee Curtis to show up with some of that yogurt thats supposed to make you reggalar. (Sorry if thats TMI) Not just THAT reggalarity but all around and in general. It’s getting on my nerves.

I think I’m ready to get busy healin’ up sos I can get on with it.

Sista’s Neighborhood

Just about anywhere I go in this town, I see people I know. People I knew from school, people I know from work, church, music, and other stuff. Now, they may not always know me, but, I know who lots of people are because I have this weird part of my brain that absorbs info like who somebody is and other details that I will retain for years and years. Sometimes it’s embarrassing. Lotsa times I chat it up with them (ask my sister how many people I run into on a Saturday at the Wal Mart. SHE, who gave me a bad reputation in school because she talked so much, teachers thought I would be as bad, teasing me for being chatty!)

Donna, my friend and former co-worker…whenever we’d go to lunch she’d say “Ok, Sharon…who do you know in here?” Just one of them thangs.

So, yesterday, I went to lunch with my NEW friend and co-worker, the fabulous and fun Dara and this other lady in the office. We went to Cracker Barrel out there at Cool Springs.

I warned Dara on the way in that it was likely I would see somebody I knew in here cause this is my former grounds of stompin’. Yeah, there’s lots of new transplants, but, I know that there’s still lots of people who’ve been out there forever.

So, we’re sitting there and I’m befuddled at the lack of conversation going on betwixt the lady eating with us and Dara and me. Dara could talk to a wall (as could I) but I don’t think this lady said 10 words the whole time. I even texted Dara in the middle of this Quiet Time and said “Is X always this chatty at lunch?” Heh.

Then I spotted the Person I Knew I Would See I Knew….my former, Cross-The-Street-Neighbor when I was a kid. I haven’t seen him in probably 20 years. I got to thinking about him and his family and I giggled to myself remembering how my Dad called his Missus the wrong name one time and to this day, my sister and I refer to her as “Geneva.” (It’s funny to us. That idn’t her name)

When we were leaving, I was looking to see if could see Bob and Geneva and sho nuff…there they sat. Looking exactly the same as when I was a kid, just older. I walked up to the table, preparing myself cause Bob and Geneva, sweetest sorta salt of the earth people around, have about as much personality and chattiness as me and Dara’s lunch partner. Those people put the “SHHHHHHHHHH” in shy. Really good people though.

I still remember how every single December 1 when I was a kid, Geneva would put their Christmas tree up in the front window and candles in the other three front windows. They had a mirror in their living room and the Christmas tree reflecting into the mirror made it look HUGE. They ALWAYS turned those lights of at 8:00 EVERY night too. This went on from the time I was probably 6 or 7 until they moved a couple years before I married. When I finally got to see that tree for real when I was babysitting them, I was amazed at how SMALL and not as pretty up close their tree was. Isn’t that crazy? Why do I remember crap like this?? Isn’t there a better use for my brain cells???

They were glad to see me…how many kids do I have…how’s yer Mama, yer sister, etc. I asked about their children, who I used to babysit for. Both kids are in their 30’s and their daughter is…gulp….a veterinarian.

Somebody I used to help wipe their rear end, change into their jammies and tell them to hush up and get to bed has the word “Doctor” in front of their name.

Know A Thing Or Two…

Elvis oughta come out and sing with Emmy a lot more. He makes her sound like she used to.

Love…it do sometimes hurt. It is not for the faint of heart nor the lily livered.

FGF-A Poem About A Dog

It’s Friday. It’s time to feel good. This week’s entry is gonna be a little poetry for you.

Doesn’t Jimmy Stewart just make ya feel good? He does me. ‘Specially this clip from 1981 when he read the poem about his dog, Beau.
Makes me wanna go write a poem about my dog Chloe and how when she was a puppy…she would eat her doo doo. It made me cry once when I was pregnant. It did. She was a puppy and I was pregnant the first time? I went to my mom and dad’s house. They weren’t home yet. I got really weepy (shut up, TW) and they got home and they came in and I was crying. They asked me what was wrong and I said “Chloe eats her doo doo!!”

Ah…maybe not.

Heaven’s Gates Are Open Wide

I don’t know what posessed me to put that video up early this morning of the Gaither Vocal Band singing Jesus Loves Me. Maybe it was to prepare me for a phone conversation I had to have this evening.

My mom calls me, sounded a little frantic “Mary [her sister in law] called and left a message. Said it’s bad news. I’m ‘fraid my brother’s gone.”

Her brother is 86 years old and has been blessed with pretty good health considering his age and the one-after-the-other tragedies he and his wife have experienced since 1994:

1-Only daughter dies unexpectedly of pneumonia after surgery. I think she was 40-41 years old.
2-Oldest son gets lung cancer. Goes through treatment. Things look good. Then, about a year later, I think it was on a Wednesday, they discovered it was in his liver. He had worked that day. Was dead by that Saturday. I think he was 52 or 53.
3-3 years later, their other son commits suicide.
4-2 years later, daughter in law, wife of oldest son dies of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
5-Last year, daughter in law, wife of son that died in 2003 dies of cancer. Two late teen/early 20ish sons.

My mother only has a cell phone for long distance. She doesn’t keep the thing charged or on. She doesn’t even have a long distance carrier on her regular phone anymore. So, she calls me and asks me to call Mary. I am dreading this. I’m thinking that if my Uncle Nootsie (nickname) has passed, I am going to have to talk to his wife of 60+ years and it’s gonna be painful. Then, I’m thinking “Oh geez, I am going to have to call Mom and tell her that she is now the sole surviving Sullivan Kid.”

I’m dreading this call, but, at the same time, I’m thinking “Damn…Nootsie’s 86 years old. If he’s gone, then he didn’t suffer. It was probably his heart. He probably mowed his grass recently. A life well lived.”

Something told me though, as I dialed the phone and got the busy signal that it probably wasn’t Nootsie. This was confirmed when my Uncle answered the phone (and sounded eeerily like my mother when she first wakes up and hasn’t had coffee yet) and proceeded to tell me that Steven, his oldest grandchild, was killed in a car wreck today.

You want to hear something absolutely GUT wrenching, listen to an 86 year old man, who has been walking around with a piece of shrapnel in his head since WWII and has a Purple Heart, break down and cry uncontrollably on the phone and then pass the phone to his wife because he can’t say anymore.

Then, I talk to my Aunt Mary, who is crying and I’m thinking “Holy crap…what do you say to this???” I’m not believing what I’m hearing. It’s bad enough to outlive ONE of your children, much less THREE, plus two daughters in law that have been in your family for so long, it’s almost like you gave birth to them, and now their oldest grandchildm the same kid that was born the same week my grandfather died in 1971 and carried his middle name. What the hell????

How is it that Steven took his wife some lunch today at home because she was sick and now he’s dead? Left no skidmarks. Died on impact. And his younger brother and sister now are the only two left in that family? This young guy, who isn’t even 30 yet, helped care for his mother as she suffered that horrendous disease has to call his grandparents, as they’re sitting down for dinner to tell them that once again…….

That same Steven that we used to call “Stevie” who was probably one THE absolute most adorable little boys I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen Steven since he was about 15. I’ve seen pictures but my picture of him is this kid right here with my sister in about…oh 1977 or 78-
Little Stevie…I think of him as about 3 or 4…with his pajamas with the rhinoceros on it and we’d ask him repeatedly….”Stevie…whats that on your pajamas?” We wanted to hear him say…again….”Ith a bunotheroth.”

So, there I am on the phone with my aunt….listening to her cry, talking about what a good husband Steven was and how crazy he and his wife were about each other…She asks how I am. I can’t quite describe how it humbled me when she asked, yet, I was a little hesitant because sheesh…I have NOTHING to complain about. Humbling because she stopped crying for a minute to ask about each kid by name, etc.

Then, I have to call my mother. She answers the phone and I can tell she’s been crying.
“Well…it’s not Nootsie.”

“Who is it?” she asked me.


“What happened?”

I tell her and she hollers “No! HOW MUCH MORE CAN THEY TAKE? THIS CAN’T BE! etc. etc ”

I haven’t heard my mother let loose like that since…gosh….I was probably a little kid. Mom tends to hold her emotions in. Oddly enough, I was glad to hear her do that.

But, it absolutely sucks. It would have been easier to tell her it was her brother, I think.

This I Know

Lots of reasons I know.  I’m just glad I know. It may be a simple little ditty but if it was good enough for Dad to hang onto as he slipped from this life to the next, it’s good enough for me to get through the day and know He’s got even the tiniest details covered.


#2 is fun to watch. 

He’s fun to talk to, too.  Yesterday, during our little outing to Mount Olivet, he was impressed with the graves of the Confederate Heroes, the crypt of Adelicia Acklen (above, left) former governors, senators and an Opry star or two.  He said “Mom…I want to be famous so I can be buried here.  That’s my dream.”    (Ok?)

This morning, he was up and rarin’ to go at 6:30 a.m.  He said, randomly, “Mom!!!!  I can’t wait to get my chest hair.  Then I will be a REAL man!” 

I can wait awhile before the chest hair appears.  I’ve already got one boy that’s got it.  I know that it won’t be long before #2 will be changing…if he follows the same pattern his brother did.  Wish I could keep him this age just a little longer.

FGF-Morning Lullabies

I had another musical discovery thanks to Spinning

I’ve been hearing this little ditty a lot and dig it. (Yes, I know how tragically unhip I am and am usually late to parties.) Don’t go away though…this isn’t the Feel Good Friday entry. It’s a prelude, if you will.

I’ve been meaning to ask Terri, the Spinning Instructor, who that was and Monday, I forgot to ask.

So, I came home that night and was messing around on the Itunes and stumbled across this Ingrid Michaelson girl and found the Spinning song and was just looking through her stuff and oh. Mah. Gawsh. This song right here makes me cry. Not in a bad way kinda cry neither. More of a hopeful kinda, warm-fuzzy cry. There’s nothing really to look at here, just close your eyes and listen.  I love her phrasing. This is my Feel Good Friday.