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Funny Friday Story

This is a true and hilarious story.

This morning, my boss, Chris (who is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life) came over and asked who all won at the IBMA awards last night.  I told him Dailey and Vincent swept the thangs.  (Chris’s mama in Missouri LOVES her some Jamie Dailey).

Then, Chris said, “I saw a picture in the paper…the guy is familiar looking.  Come back here and tell me who it is.”  I was wondering who he was talking about as I walked back to his office. 

He picks up the Local News section of the Tennessean and says who is that in the middle?

I said “That would be my BabyDaddy.” 

“Ohhhh” said Chris.  “No wonder he looks familiar.”  Heh.

That wasn’t the funniest part. 

Chris is openly and proudly gay, right?  He said “Now who is that?” Pointing to Terry Eldredge.  I told him who it was, etc. Chris said “Is he married?”  I said that no but he had a girlfriend to which Chris said “Well, he could have a boyfriend, too if he wanted.”

I thought I was gonna fall out. 

I gotta come up with a new name for Mr. Smiff.   Suggestions? 

My mother in law has always referred to her ex husband as “The Children’s Fathah.”  I’ve only heard her use his real name very few times in the 19 years I’ve known her.

I Got Yo Numba

Thank you, Jesus for Feel Good Fridays and even more so, thank you for Eric Clapton.