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Let’s Do What We Dare, Do What We Like…

People make fun of me for reading the Obituaries.  I don’t know why I do it.  It’s just something I’ve done since I was about 10.  I figure it has something to do with that side of me that loves history. 

It’s not unusual for me to see a familiar name and recognize it as somebody I went to school with’s mother or something or some other aquaintance or the relative of somebody I used to work with, etc. 

I love the obituaries that are very detailed and tell about the person, what they did for a living, who their Mama was and what their dog’s name was.

Today though, I’m scanning through the names to see if I recognize any of them and dang if I did.  I was hoping it would be somebody else with the same name, but, I kept reading and it said “Brentwood, TN-40 years old….” Damn. 

Ashley Duncan and I were the same age.  In the same grade.  Rode the same bus.  He (the first guy I ever knew with the name “Ashley”) He lived a hop, skip and a jump from me in Twin Springs (seems like they lived in the second house…I know…Rainman strikes again).

Ashley was one of those kids that stood out.  He was tall, (as tall as you can be in 6th grade) very cute and I remember had a really outgoing personality.  Seems like lots of the little girls at Lipscomb had crushes on him. 

I remember Ashley had a couple of brothers and a little sister.  They were one of those families where all the kids were cute, like they could be on tv cute. 

I don’t think Ashley went with us to Northside (now Brentwood Middle School) and Brentwood High School.  Maybe he did and I just don’t remember. I don’t know where he went after that, but, I can see him as plain as day.  The picture they had in the paper of him was EXACTLY how I remember him looking 25 years ago.

I actually thought of Ashley last week when I was over in Brentwood doing my job interview.  I rode by my old house and I thought of him as I turned into Hallbrook and saw Twin Springs Dr. , just past Concord Rd. Church of Christ.  One of those passing thoughts…”wonder whatever happened to him?”

I was pretty sad to read in the obituary that one of his brothers preceded him in death.  Also sad that Ashley leaves a daughter and a fiance and a bunch of nieces and nephews (from his younger brothers and sister! Wow). 

One of the things about seeing this death notice that grabbed me, besides remembering Bus 44 and being very sad for this family…was where it said “Age 40”. That used to seem far away. For me, it’s a few months away.

I emailed my bestest childhood friend, Terri Leigh (haven’t seen her in 15 years but we keep in touch by email some) to see if she had heard about Ashley. She and Ashley used to have a Thang for each other way back when.

I told Terri Leigh that we need to gather up Melanie (our other goodest childhood friend) and celebrate our 40th birthdays. I suggested that we have a slumber party like we used to do on our birthdays. Gawsh…I’ll have to find pictures of my 8th birthday slumber party and put them up here.

***I emailed some of my peeps from Lipscomb days and Murrey Gropp….oh lordy…even middle aged, he’s still hysterical…he said “One day, all that will be left is you, me, cockroaches and Keith Richards.”  Murrey always was one to throw comic relief to cut through sad stuff.  Made me spew Diet Dt. Pepper.  HAHAHAHA

On The Level

With Kate’s recent Thyroidectomy and my good friend (and soon to be former co-worker) Donna had hers ectomied yesterday, I was glad to hear my doctor’s nurse say my levels were AOK.  And there wasn’t mention one that my iron was low so once again, thank you, Dr. McDreamy.

I mean, I want to be part of what’s hip and happenin’ but getting my neck cut on is taking it a little far.