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Thankful Thursday

I took off today and tomorrow.  Kids are out of school and we’ve basically done nothing and it’s been great. 

The Manchild is doing well following his toofus extraction.  Pain has been minimal and thus far, no signs of the dreaded Dry Sawk-it.

The big kids are watching Sweeney Todd and the younger one is messing around out back and I’m grateful to have all three of them here with me today.

Here Kitty Kitty

Want a kitty? A friend of mine has had a stray take up at her house and she can’t keep it. Read on:
There is this wondeful friendly, black & Gray tabby cat who has shown up in my driveway. He/She not I think its a male it appears to be fixed. It’s very nice & friendly & has been there for 4 weeks now. I have posted flyers all through my neighborhood & noone has claimed it. I currently have a cat, and my cat & this one keep trying to get to each other, and fight. I really need someone who loves cats to please please take this one off my hands. If I dont find a home for it soon I am going to have to take it to the humane shelter 😦 I hate to do it but I cant have another one.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll hook you up.