This has just been the most laid back weekend I can remember having in ages.  Because Payday is not til Tuesday, that means I am broke, thus, I can’t go do anything wild and crazy.  Even so, I’m glad I’m in poverty the last few days.  I’ve been hanging around the house so much, I’m finding myself thinking “I need to go to work.”  Yikes.

I spent today going through photos.  I’m trying to find photographs of Opryland for this groovy documentary that Justin Harvey and his cronies over at WNPT are doing for an upcoming special, that I believe, is set to air in December.    Did I even tell y’all Justin interviewed me for that?   Well, he did and it was so much fun.  I coulda sat there all day talking about Opryland. 

Anyway, why is it, I know of umpteen photographs in the Collie Collection that exist of us at Opryland, (including me, my mom and Sandra on the Tram the first day the park opened), but, because I need them for something (and quickly) I can’t find them?  Why does this happen?

I did find CLC‘s birthday present from a year and a half ago though.  I ain’t telling what it is…he can tell it later oncest he gets it in his posession.  Two separate occasions I was going to give it to him, but, couldn’t find it.  I texted him and said “We need to hook up so I can give this to you before I lose it again.” 

I had found a bunch of slides for Justin and them.  This was before I moved…even put the Opryland ones (including my favorite one of my late Uncle Huey P. Duncan riding the Sky Ride and some other dandies…the day I went to interview with Justin, that plastic bag I put the slides in disappeared. I have looked high and low and those things have fallen off the face of the earth and it makes me mad. 

What will happen is all these home movie videos, slides and photos will magically appear the day after the thing airs.  You watch.

I tell you one thing…I would love to do what Justin does.  Justin has been the man behind those other, wonderful specials WNPT has put together in recent years

I’m a nut for documentaries anyway…on anything.  That series POV that airs on PBS is just fabulous.  Look for Calavera Highway.  When I tell you that is one of the best documentaries that’s ever been done, you must believe me.  That one and Lomax The Song Hunter are my favorite documentaries I’ve seen lately.

All my documentary watching of late (I’ve always dug em) has got me thinking I would so love to make a documentary on something.  I think I have all the junk required to be a Documenta-matrix.  If I had the first clue how to start something like that, I’d be all over it. 

Anyway…this whole thing started me saying how much I’ve dug the last three days being around my Special Happy Place “piddlin”.  And I’ve done shared a secret fantasy. 

Good grief…some of my kinfolks alone would be docu-fodder.  Maybe Ill get around to it.