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The Men We Admire

I may have to cheat on William Holden.  I feel bad about it, yet, I can’t help it.

I have a thing now for Melvyn Douglas. I know.  It’s terrible to be unfaithful, but, Melvyn…he was just the shiznit. 

Even as a crotchety, old fart, and co-starring alongside the oh-so-hot, 39 year old Paul Newman in Hud, (and won an Academy Award) he still had it. 


Somebody else out there loves ’em some Melvyn.  Go here and read it.

While I’m on the subject of Hud, can I just say how fabulous Patricia Neal was and still is?  Patricia Neal is proof of why you need real Southerners to do Southern accents in movies.  Rarely do non-Southern actors pull it off well.  You can just tell the difference betwixt the non-real and real thing, can you not? 

Gawsh…I just kept hoping that Hud would hop on that bus and go off with Alma(Patricia)  at the end. Them two was hotter ‘n a peppah sprout.

Now, look at this and see which line Big Daddy Homer says that is quite profound.  This scene just about gave me chills. These two played off each other so well.

When I Dream…

Someday, when Cuzzin Terry and his Missus permanently move to Florida, if the Good Lawd’s willing, I hope this will be my backyard view:

This will be my deck I will sip my coffee on every morning and watch the sun come up.  (That’s Cuzzin Terry there)

Yep.  That’s my dream.  One of them anyway.

Had a wonderful time yesterday with Cuzzin Terry, his Missus, his boys and daughter in law.   I swear, them people are just wrawng.  You hadn’t seen twisted til you run acrosst Joe.  The V is as in Vandy. (I think?)