Look at my adorable pal Jill, y’all.  I swear….Feel like I’ve known her forever. And I’m startled with how much I look like my mother in this picture. Look at Mom on the left in 1965.  She was younger there than I am now and lots mo’ cuter but …

This is Jill being pensive…

I want glasses like hers. 

Another secret about Jill….she went to the same Girls school that Priscilla Presley went to.  Not when Priscilla was there, mind you. 

Oh and look at the sunset today…

Yvette Minton is still one of the funnier people I know. 

If I leave for work before 0-700 hours, traffic is not near as bad then as it is if I wait til 10 after 7 to leave.  Also, traffic back up towards my house is not NEAR as bad at 4:30 as it is at 5:30.  Thus, my work hours are gonna be 7:30-4:30. 

I like my drive to work especially cause I get to see the sun come up and stuff like that makes me glad to be alive.  Same as the sunsets do. 

I am going to have to get a different vehicle before long that gets better gas mileage.

I got gas yesterday at the Concord Store in Brentwood.  The same spot where I saw a scene from WW & The Dixie Dance Kings filmed when I was 4 years old.  I saw Burt Reynolds there and heard the women scream at him (including my mother).  It’s a different building now than was put there in the 70’s (after they blew up the old one in the movie).  That’s where I got my gas when I started driving when Ed owned that store and knew everybody’s name that came in the door and his son knew what kinda cigarettes I smoked and would just get them down when he saw me.

I laughed because the Concord Store has a friggin BANK in it now.  A bank.

I like being out in my old neck o’da woods.  It’s probably stupid to say but I love driving down there every morning and seeing those same sights I saw growing up. Something about it, right now, especially, is very comforting to me and a gift.  I know I keep saying that…but it’s good for me.

OH! Are you wanting some pictures made? Of your kids? You and yer feller? You and yer woman?  Fall cullahs are peaking and my sister will be in Nashville this weekend doing her thing for a whole lot cheaper than you can get it at a lot of other places.  Go hollah at her.

And I LOVE this weather.  I just wish I knew where all my sweatshirts were.