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Grandefille says I’m gildin’ the lily….maybe?  I’ve gotten most of my stuff on my “list” checked off (me and Earl) but there’s one more thing left that I havent’ done yet.  I ain’t telling what that is.  I am capable of keeping one or two things a secret.

Cherry’s already talking about getting another tattoo but not me.  It’s been a little sore today but not too bad.  I went to the Y and started to run and then was reminded that might not be a good idea.  I still love my new drawring and am not sorry for it.

The Daughter has seen it.  She asked if she could get her extra piercings. I said when she’s about to turn 40, she can have at it.  The Children’s Father didn’t have much to say about it.  Eh…so what if he’s playing the White House Tuesday.  I have a purty tattoo.   (I’m kidding….pretty excited for them to get to sing for the President and hope they get to discuss strategery with him). 

I was a little mortified at myself on the tevee tonight.  It was a good special and Justin Harvey did a great job.  The thing is….editing.  They took out my memories of getting stuck on the Wabash Cannonball and the Skyride…my memories of the Angle Inn (come on, people!) and I felt like all my comments were jacked down to make me sound very generic and I came off looking like somebody’s mother….shut up.  I know I’m somebody’s mother, but, that isn’t the point.  I’m not s’post to look and/or sound like it.

I got tickled, when during the part about me telling how I was freaked out by the damn bear on the Grizzly, Chris Turner, who I used to know from my former place of employment and Kenny Graves, a former classmate of mine at Brentwood High School, IM’d me laughing at me for being skeered of the bear.  I had some watchin’ company with Busy Mom too, which was fun.

I did look and sound like a dork.  Gah.  Oh well…it was fun.  Just wish I wouldn’t have sounded like somebody’s mama.  They made me sound like I was a grown up.  And everything I said had the phrase “Big Deal” in it.   Sheesh.  I shoulda said “I thought the Wabash Cannonball was the shit” but I guess that woulda sounded tacky.  (I did want to be in “I Hear America Singing” though. That WAS the shit”)

I was laughing at the guy that came on during the Channel 8 plug in between…Scott Carey….I went to school with him and his sister.  He was talking about how they moved to Nashville in the late 70’s from Buffalo.  I remember the very first day his sister was at Lipscomb School!  She was in my class…Third grade.  I remember the day she came in and she had an unusual retainer that I’d never seen before and I remember being fascinated by that.   I’m so freakin weird about stuff like that.   I saw Tracy at our 20 year reunion last tracyyear and she is a beautiful lady.  Just as sweet as I remembered her being and that unusual retainer paid off.

Is the long weekend reallly over?  This was one of my most favorite Thanksgivings ever.  Lots of wonderful moments with wonderful people that I love. I am not in the Christmas mood AT ALL.  I’m trying (hence the template change) and I’m burning some Christmas music for the car but….I’m not into it.  What has happened to my Christmas spirit????  I wonder if that inkin’ did something to it??

Drum Roll….


Don’t tell my mother.  Just don’t.

I love it.  Cherry got one and her BFF Jennifer got one too.  We went to see my pal Jaynie at Ink Gallery Tattoo and she is the shizzy.   I told her she oughta think about doing that tattoo thing professionally.  Cherry and Jennifer’s are fabulous, too. (Mine’s prettiest though)  Look how perfect she got it…just like the picture.

 I went in the chair first (while Bryan With A Y firted mercilessly with Cherry) and it didn’t hurt too bad.  There were a couple places where I was wishing I had something to bite on but for the most part, it was not too painful.  (I’ve also had a nearly 10 lb baby without drugs so my pain threshold is quite high)

Cherry got cherries on hers and Jennifer had her daughter’s name (Autumn) written in Japanese.  I don’t have pictures of theirs, but, I do have a picture of us after said draw-rings took place-


I’m thinking December’s gonna be a little less exciting and adventurous than November has been.  Heh.  I’m feeling a little Indiana Jones-ish from all the adventure and I’m tarred.

A Long Time

This Thanksgiving weekend has been a plethora of viztin and I have thoroughly dug every bit of it.

Today, I got to do some viztin with my very oldest friend. I haven’t seen her for 15 years and I’m so glad I got to spend a little time today with her, her husband and children and her parents.

You know how some people you can go a billion years without seeing and then you see them and it’s like time never stopped? That’s how I felt today. I haven’t seen Terri Leigh’s daddy in 20 something years but it was like it hadn’t been 5 minutes. He wasn’t even around a lot when we were kids because he worked a lot.  Yet, her mama and daddy’s faces are some of those stamped in my memory nearly as much as my own parents. 

Terri Leigh and I met when we were 4 years old when her family moved in the house behind us. We were joined at the hip til we were about in 7th or 8th grade. We went in different directions and have had some email contact in recent years but haven’t seen each other til today.


It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  ~John Leonard

Because We All Need To Be In Touch With Our Inner Beavis and Butthead…

After my Thankful Thanksgiving post of yesterday, I guess it is wrawng of me to post something like I’m about to post, but, one of the things I forgot to mention how thankful  I am for my twisted, often juvenile sense of humor. 

Since it’s officially Christmas time, I’m gonna kick it off right…I first heard this serious ditty about 8 years ago. It makes me laugh. Sue me.
Feel Good on this Black Friday.

Through It All

So I’ve got my Dressin’ made (ixnay on the Uffin-stay talk in the South) and I’m about to get myself cleaned up but I have to take a second and reflect on the signifigance of Thanksgiving. 

I am of the mind that Thanksgiving is a mindset I’d like to have every single day of the year.  I look around me and there are so many people really hurting, suffering and going through hell.  I’ve had my share of challenges, but, really, I don’t have it so bad.

I could go on and on about the things this year that have gone down that make me pause and want to hollah how good God has been to me.  I’ve got a great support system of family, some fabulous friends, I have the ability to get up everyday and go to a nice job; I have a roof over my head; food in the fridge; my family is healthy (cept for a few aches and pains amongst us) and really, what I’m most thankful for, cause without it, all the other stuff is moot…I have my salvation.

I could keep babbling, but, Andrae Crouch wrote it so well so I’m gonna let him sing it…this really sums up my frame of mind for Thanksgiving 2008.  I hope yours is whatever you want it to be.

If I’d never had a problem, I’d never known that God could solve it…wouldn’t know what faith in His Word can do.  (Woo!!!)

The Only Thing To Do…

I oughta be chopping celery and onions to make the Dressing for tomorrow, but, I’m tarred.  We’re not eating til tomorrow evening, so I can do that in the morning.  

Tonight, I’m watching my very favorite movie ever on OnDemand, reciting near ’bout every line and loving it as much now as I did when it came out when I was 11. 

The kind people I work for let us leave early today, so, I took the opportunity to run over to Gee and Geega’s house and boy, I’m glad I did.  sharon-gee I got to visit with Gee and Geega img_1752

Made a new BFF in Lila Cate…img_1708

Met Lila Cate’s new baby sister, Millie:


037Enjoyed seeing Karen and her kids, who have done gone and growed up since I saw them last.

Marveled at Judi, who even though she is in pain, that doesn’t mean her role as Matriarch With The Mostest is any the less.

  It was interesting to watch this family interact today, in some ways, just like I’ve seen them interact and relate to each other for nigh about 36 years.  Then again,  at the same time, seeing the roles change right in front of my very eyes.  There’s a lot of unknowns about what’s next as the doctors try to figure out which treatment option is best to deal with Judi’s Bone Cancer. 

This Bunch walked through every step of my Dad’s journey with cancer with us from 1983 to 1992.  I guess I never thought it would be our turn to walk with them.  Never thought about it because they always rally around and support and encourage their legions of friends as they go through tough times.  They’re the type of people you can always count on to show up at the hospital, funeral home or at any other dark moment in life.  They’re the True Blues you want and feel so fortunate to be able to call your friends. I can name umpteen times in my life when they just “appeared” at just the right moment. 

This Thanksgiving Eve, I’m so thankful for these folks.


“The only thing to do is to hug one’s friends tight and do one’s job.”
– Edith Wharton

I Think I Have Something In My Teeth

photo-09951I think I’m going to suggest that all of my children get their Bubba on, especially if it puts them in such a jolly mood as it did #2 yesterday.

Another Year…

Every November 25, I have to pay a little homage to my paterfamilias cause it’s his birthday. 


He woulda been 82 today. 

the_real_mccoy(Dad and Walter Brennan…most cool)

Still missed everyday…


If They Don’t Edit Me Out…

I almost forgot about this, but, I’m gonna be on tv this week.  Yeah, yeah….my glamorous life has taken me straight to public televison.

I kid, but, I am kinda excited to see the WNPT special Memories of Opryland this Sunday.  Not just cause oprylandpreviewcoversmall-350wI’m in it (I dread seeing myself on tv…I bet I look and sound like a dork) but cause I loves me some Opryland and am STILL not over it not being there anymore.

I gave them some bits of home movies to use and a photo or two.  All of that came in the middle of when I was moving so I didn’t get them the photos I would’ve liked.  I had such a great time the day I went and did the interview.  Justin Harvey about had to shut me up.  The cameraman had to keep telling me to to not look at him and answer questions.  HA.  I’m so sophisticated.


I know y’all love it when we play “Guess What Sharon’s Up To” so let’s play now, shall we?

Kay…I’m gonna show you some pictures.  You have to look at them and guess why I’m putting them up here, asking you to figure out what I want to do with them.  (Does that make sense?)  You have to guess what the signifigance of said photos are…




Y’all always give such fun answers and I just want to announce right here and now that I went to the Flying Saucer today and DID NOT get stuck in the parking lot!

Shaking My Confidence

If I ever meet Paul Simon, I have a question I have gotta ask him. 

In that song, Cecelia….am I hearing this right…he and Cecelia are in the bed doing their thang one afternoon, he gets up, washes his face (how long does that take? 2 minutes) Comes back and there’s another feller in his bed?  Then, moments later, Cecelia loves him again? Or is it a thing where Cecelia leaves with the guy and then returns later on?

That’s just weird to me.  I’ve known that song forever and that has always bugged me about it.  What kinda ho is Cecelia anyway?  And why would the narrator want somebody who’d bring a dude to bed when he gets up to go warsh his face???? 

I guess some things in pop music aren’t meant to be understood.

Let It Snow

0011Brang on the snow. 

Other pictures from the last 24 hours…

0061My friend Heth-Uh is moving back to Joizy.007 I love huh.   Good thing about it is now I have a friend 20 minutes from New York City so I am saying right here and now I want to go visit her.

I’ll do a post later on the Divorce/Parenting class.  It was interesting.  I took this picture on the way in and somehow a beautiful sunset seemed appropriate for the occasion:


Feel Good Friday

When I was about…oh, I guess about 8 or 9, I stood in front of this man, backstage at the Municipal Auditorium during the Fan Fair “Reunion Show” and watched Merle Travis and Joe Maphis pick, as in up close, could reach out and touch them.

I just hate that I didn’t really grasp what I was seeing with my own eyes.  Please observe closely…how many fingers Merle is picking with.

As Cuzzin Eddie Stubbs would say…Are there any questions?

And that, boys and girls, is your Feel Good Friday.

Divorce Fun

I am sitting here laughing out loud to myself at my children’s father. 

When you get divorced in Tennessee, you have to go this mandatory, Parenting & Divorce seminar.  It’s just something you have to do.  The CF is none too happy about it.  He’s aggravated that one, he has to go, and two, it costs $40.  We will be attending this shindig this evening.  Together. Heh.

So just now, on the phone, he’s asking me (again) “What do they do at this thing?”  I do not know because I haven’t been. 

Then, he says…”Do they do some sort of puppet show with puppets saying..’Mommy and Daddy are getting divorced?'”  I told him maybe they’ll do a special showing of The Parent Trap (preferably the original). maureen-brian-web

Ok, so maybe I’m just slap-happy or something but the above has caused me to laugh uncontrollably.  I know this is serious and from what I hear, it’s a really good seminar and all that.  You know me though, if there is something to giggle at, I’m all over it.

I Think She Likes It

Co-worker flies into my office yesterday afternoon, out of the blue (remember, I don’t know these people that well yet and I don’t know her very well)   She appears at my door and this woman (about 50ish) who I thought was very reserved and took herself very seriously says:

“That car is f$*@#ing AWESOME.” 

After all the years I worked at the Baptist Place, I forget that kinda talk can be said freely at most other places.  She didn’t whisper it or mumble it….said it out loud.  Loved it. 

Make no mistake…the folks at the Baptist Place said it…often.  They just whispered it. 

Something TOTALLY unrelated and random…I was watching that movie Failure To Launch last night with Matthew (Yum) McConahey (how do you spell his name? Who cares?)   I’ve seen it before but that Terry Bradshaw….I think he’s one of the funniest people around.  Obviously, he plays himself pretty much in that movie but my gosh….I laughed so hard at him I thought I was gonna pee my britches.