I wasn’t going to vote.  I really didn’t think it was right to go in there and vote with the attitude of “I guess I’ll just vote for….” Those that kept saying “You HAVE to vote!” No I don’t.  Not if I don’t know who I want to vote for. 

So I went and met a friend for after work dinner and got done by 6:30 and decided I knew who I wanted to vote for.  Walked in the place at 6:50 with absolutely NO line and cast my vote.

So there I did it.

It was an historic evening for sure and it was exciting watching Obama make his acceptance speech and seeing the older black folks cry cause they never thought they’d live to see the day. 

I’m a little disturbed by my Christian bretheren’s cries of “OH NO”.  Stoppit.  God is still in control regardless. 

I soaked up the History of it all and I am proud to be an American.