I had the funnest lunch today.  I met Tom and Jarod…two guys I went to elementary school, junior high and part of high school with.  Haven’t seen them in probably 23-24 years.

The bizarre thing….it was like it hadn’t been a few months.  Yeah, we’re grownups now and all that but it was so bizarre how both of these guys really haven’t changed a bit.  It was a bit surreal.

Both guys are very up on where everybody is…especially Jarod.  He knew that this one guy runs the Lenscrafters at the mall…another guy owns a Meineke store….one guy is a lawyer….he knows where everybody is. Tom is pretty up on it too.

Both guys are real estate people…Jarod is in the frickin’ Rotary Club and goes to our old elementary school and reads to the kids.  I would so love to do that.  Let me in that Rotary Club. (Tom…send me a link if you got a website.)

I’ve mentioned ou rold classmate Sam Huffman here before….I liked to have fell outta my chair when Tom was talking about how Sam is an airline pilot for American or one of those carriers.  Sam was a MESS in school.  I mean, that poor kid was in trouble ALL the time.  He was such a brilliant kid, the teachers didnt know what to do with him.   He was bored in school, no doubt.  Anyway, he was no stranger to Jesse Frank’s paddle.  

Tom said he’d shit his pants if he was on a plane and the voice that came over the speaker said “This is your Captain…Sam Huffman, speaking.”  I thought I was gonna when he said that.  I swear.  I’d demand to be let off the plane!  

 Nah, I wouldn’t….just hard to imagine that little kid being responsible for guiding an enormous machine like that through the friendly skies.  He couldn’t stay in his seat when he was younger.  Wild.  Dang, I’d love to see ol’ Sam….oh Sam…..(I actually heard from him a couple years ago when he found himself on this here blog)

We all agreed how fortunate we were to grow up where we did at the time we did.  The days when Brentwood was a close-knit community where everybody knew everybody.  There’s something wonderful about shared memories with people like that.  It’s a unique bond.  I hope we get to hang out some more and add some others to the mix. 

One of the cool things about working where I work now…