As Cuzzin Judi says, “It’s All About Living.”  She is correct.  She should know.  Judi had a double masectomy and went through chemo this year.  At the moment, she is out somewhere on the ocean on a cruise or she’d have been one of the first ones I’d have called last night. 

I’m not trying to prove nothing to anybody.  I spent a very long time watching other people live and thinking either “someday” but mostly, that I wasn’t meant for joy and couldn’t obtain it.  That’s not saying joy is obtained by “stuff” cause it isn’t.  This isn’t about sticking it to or “showing” anybody nothing, other than me…

I’ve never been one to care about cars.  Something dependable that would get me from Point A to Point B.  HOWEVER…when I’d think about something I’d really like to drive, a bright red Mustang always came to mind. 

I remember years ago Cuzzin Sandra saying “everybody should have a fun car at least once.”  So…this is my Fun Car.  I may drive it til it has 152,000 miles on it (like the minivan had) or I may drive it awhile. 

2008 Torch Red Mustang….less than 2000 miles on it. Pretty sweet ain’t it?  (For those concerned…it was a goood deal or I wouldn’t have gotten it.)