I oughta be chopping celery and onions to make the Dressing for tomorrow, but, I’m tarred.  We’re not eating til tomorrow evening, so I can do that in the morning.  

Tonight, I’m watching my very favorite movie ever on OnDemand, reciting near ’bout every line and loving it as much now as I did when it came out when I was 11. 

The kind people I work for let us leave early today, so, I took the opportunity to run over to Gee and Geega’s house and boy, I’m glad I did.  sharon-gee I got to visit with Gee and Geega img_1752

Made a new BFF in Lila Cate…img_1708

Met Lila Cate’s new baby sister, Millie:


037Enjoyed seeing Karen and her kids, who have done gone and growed up since I saw them last.

Marveled at Judi, who even though she is in pain, that doesn’t mean her role as Matriarch With The Mostest is any the less.

  It was interesting to watch this family interact today, in some ways, just like I’ve seen them interact and relate to each other for nigh about 36 years.  Then again,  at the same time, seeing the roles change right in front of my very eyes.  There’s a lot of unknowns about what’s next as the doctors try to figure out which treatment option is best to deal with Judi’s Bone Cancer. 

This Bunch walked through every step of my Dad’s journey with cancer with us from 1983 to 1992.  I guess I never thought it would be our turn to walk with them.  Never thought about it because they always rally around and support and encourage their legions of friends as they go through tough times.  They’re the type of people you can always count on to show up at the hospital, funeral home or at any other dark moment in life.  They’re the True Blues you want and feel so fortunate to be able to call your friends. I can name umpteen times in my life when they just “appeared” at just the right moment. 

This Thanksgiving Eve, I’m so thankful for these folks.


“The only thing to do is to hug one’s friends tight and do one’s job.”
– Edith Wharton