Grandefille says I’m gildin’ the lily….maybe?  I’ve gotten most of my stuff on my “list” checked off (me and Earl) but there’s one more thing left that I havent’ done yet.  I ain’t telling what that is.  I am capable of keeping one or two things a secret.

Cherry’s already talking about getting another tattoo but not me.  It’s been a little sore today but not too bad.  I went to the Y and started to run and then was reminded that might not be a good idea.  I still love my new drawring and am not sorry for it.

The Daughter has seen it.  She asked if she could get her extra piercings. I said when she’s about to turn 40, she can have at it.  The Children’s Father didn’t have much to say about it.  Eh…so what if he’s playing the White House Tuesday.  I have a purty tattoo.   (I’m kidding….pretty excited for them to get to sing for the President and hope they get to discuss strategery with him). 

I was a little mortified at myself on the tevee tonight.  It was a good special and Justin Harvey did a great job.  The thing is….editing.  They took out my memories of getting stuck on the Wabash Cannonball and the Skyride…my memories of the Angle Inn (come on, people!) and I felt like all my comments were jacked down to make me sound very generic and I came off looking like somebody’s mother….shut up.  I know I’m somebody’s mother, but, that isn’t the point.  I’m not s’post to look and/or sound like it.

I got tickled, when during the part about me telling how I was freaked out by the damn bear on the Grizzly, Chris Turner, who I used to know from my former place of employment and Kenny Graves, a former classmate of mine at Brentwood High School, IM’d me laughing at me for being skeered of the bear.  I had some watchin’ company with Busy Mom too, which was fun.

I did look and sound like a dork.  Gah.  Oh well…it was fun.  Just wish I wouldn’t have sounded like somebody’s mama.  They made me sound like I was a grown up.  And everything I said had the phrase “Big Deal” in it.   Sheesh.  I shoulda said “I thought the Wabash Cannonball was the shit” but I guess that woulda sounded tacky.  (I did want to be in “I Hear America Singing” though. That WAS the shit”)

I was laughing at the guy that came on during the Channel 8 plug in between…Scott Carey….I went to school with him and his sister.  He was talking about how they moved to Nashville in the late 70’s from Buffalo.  I remember the very first day his sister was at Lipscomb School!  She was in my class…Third grade.  I remember the day she came in and she had an unusual retainer that I’d never seen before and I remember being fascinated by that.   I’m so freakin weird about stuff like that.   I saw Tracy at our 20 year reunion last tracyyear and she is a beautiful lady.  Just as sweet as I remembered her being and that unusual retainer paid off.

Is the long weekend reallly over?  This was one of my most favorite Thanksgivings ever.  Lots of wonderful moments with wonderful people that I love. I am not in the Christmas mood AT ALL.  I’m trying (hence the template change) and I’m burning some Christmas music for the car but….I’m not into it.  What has happened to my Christmas spirit????  I wonder if that inkin’ did something to it??