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Christmas Time’s A’Comin’…

It’s that time of the week, y’all….time to letchya hair down and feel good cause it’s Friday.  Even better, because it is the Christmas season, I can put Chrithmuth songs up and it’s all ok.

Now,what I WANT to have as my entry, the fine folks at You Tube won’t allow me to embed it, thus you HAVE to go here and look at it.  You have to.  Just go.  You will be thanking me in a few minutes (and needing new, clean drahs)

Ok…now that I’ve put that there for your viewing pleasure, I’ll embed something else…a little Big Mon for your Feel Good Friday.

I’m Getting Good At This…

That really cool, dream job I just got? That old saying that “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?”

I haven’t been there two months, but, there’s been a Re-organization (of sorts) and I’m jobless again.

I know its all going to work out, blah blah. I’m just mad right now. At what or whom, I do not know…just mad.

Go Rebels

Normally, I don’t give a flying flip about high school sports. I might ask one of the kids if Station Camp won or lost or whatever, but, other than that…it’s not something on my radar.

However, I’m kinda pumped that my old high school and these peoples old high school is in the State Championship this weekend.  I did not know that Franklin High School has never won a state championship in 100 years of schoolin’ the coolest kids in Williamson County.

If I had my cymbals, I’d do my little cymbal part in the FHS fight song.