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Which One?

I don’t have to be up at the cracka dawn to get to the other side of town in the morning and I feel the Crud coming on.  Even so, I am in the mood to watch a movie. 

These are the choices:

This pollyanna-poster31


Or this…brokeback-mountain

Quite a contrast, huh?  I’ve seen Pollyanna a bajillion and two times but I just love it.  Can’t hep it.  Specially when Pollyanna sings “America’ dressed like a flag…Agnes Moorehead; Jane Wyman played such a good, mean ol’ crotchety, uptight beeeatch; Karl Malden (and his nose) is great..then Pollyanna falls outta the window and gets paralyzed and Aunt Polly turns nice and everybody is happy.

Eh, ok…Brokeback it is.   I know I’m terribly unhip and behind and probably the last person to see this.

Problem now is I can’t figure out the configuration of the tv/dvd player/cable that the Engineering Brother In Law set up for me.  He showed me last week how to get it to work.  Guess I shoulda took notes.

I’ll watch it on the computer, I guess.

Not Ready For My Closeup

Had I not been singin’ bout the Lawd right here, somebody woulda gotten their Holy Hiney kicked.


Although I must give the Photog-ruff-er some credit cause he was holding a microphone, singing AND  humiliating me at the same time.  I don’t think he missed a note.  That takes talent.