I loved it.

I’ve had some interesting comments from some of my Bretheren and Sisteren in Jesus on the subject but to that I say psssshhhht….get over yourselves. 

Anybody who has ever loved somebody intensely (gay, straight, whatever) and varying circumstances prevent you from being with that person….it hits home.

 Once again, I must climb aboard my soapbox and say, yes, I know what the B-I-B-L-E says about that whole subject.  I’m good with it.  I also know that the Good Book has  plenty else to say about sins of all sorts and that Jesus especially got aggravated at Pharisee types. 

Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal  and Heath Ledger are just plain pleasant to watch herding sheep whilst wearing cowboy boots and stuff.  I still don’t get why they gave Ennis a Southern accent cause last I checked, Wyoming isn’t in the South, but, that’s just me. 

How tragic is it that Heath Ledger isn’t around anymore?  Very tragic.  Goodness.